10 Signs You Need Roof Replacement Lawrenceville Or A Thorough Repair

Do you notice how often people expect a sign from the gods residing in the heavens above before they decide to do something? Well, this topic doesn’t have much to do with spirituality, but you do have to keep your eyes open for a “sign from above” if you want to know when to call a professional company like Pro Atlanta Roofing and undertake a repair or replacement project. So, the next time you turn your gaze upwards, watch out for these signs.

  • Too much light: When too much sunshine or light from the outside enters the attic, you’ll know that a roof repair project should be on your list of chores. In fact, you should take up the project as soon as you can. The presence of too much sunlight during the day in the attic is not a good sign at all.
  • Saggy spots: Keep your eyes open for a droopy or saggy spot on the roof. If you see it, then don’t wait to call a specialist of roof replacement Lawrenceville. This problem is a result of too much moisture getting trapped, which leads to the rotting of the boards. You should start looking for them in the lowest areas and then go up from there.
  • Visibly damaged shingles: Whenever you step outside the house, turn back and take a look at the shingles. If there’s a safe way up to the roof, you may even consider climbing there to inspect the condition of the shingles. Though, the second approach may not be safe. Nevertheless, you have to examine the shingles for signs of curling or cracking. If a few shingles are missing, you have to get the roof repaired as soon as you can.
  • Mossy spots: If rain or storm water spends too much time sitting on the roof, you’ll need the services of a Roof replacement Lawrenceville professional. It will lead to the growth of moss, particularly in the shaded zones. The presence of fungi and moss means your roof isn’t getting enough sunlight that facilitates evaporation. You don’t need to bother with a little bit of moss, but if it covers a large portion of the roof surface, you’ll know that the boards below are rotting.
  • Granules in the gutters: Roofs manufactured using asphalt or composite shingles use granules on the upper layers. These granules tend to wear off with time. They shed just like a snake sheds its skin, and you shouldn’t get too worked up if you notice a couple of granules slipping off the roof. Just make sure there isn’t a pile of those granules gathering on the ground below the roof. If that happens, you’ll need to repair it at the earliest.
  • Staining: If you have a leaky roof, it will create water stains on the ceiling and walls of your house. These stains aren’t just unsightly. They can turn into a profound structural issue if you avoid paying attention to them. Water stains should never be visible inside a house if there isn’t a leak in the roof. Maybe the underlayment got compromised, which, in turn, started allowing water to enter.
  • Increased energy bills: After spending several summers and winters in your home, you’ll have a relatively clear idea of how much you have to spend every month on heating and cooling. Now, all of sudden, those bills start to increase significantly. If that happens, you should turn your attention towards the roof before checking anything else. Interior temperature unevenness is a situation that you experience when air leaks outside through a breach or hole in the roof.
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  • Chimney problems: There’s a material used by Roof replacement Lawrenceville service providers called “flashing” to connect a chimney with a house. This material prevents the chimney from leaking. If this substance gets compromised, you should get it looked at immediately.
  • Wet spots: Just because there’s a leak in the roof doesn’t mean you’ll notice water dripping from above. The presence of small puddles and other wet spots on the floors inside the house means water is entering from above. Start searching for mildew or mold in places where you don’t expect them. Chances are, you’ll find them precisely at those locations.
  • Vermin: Wild animals can wreak havoc on your property while taking shelter in the attic. They can destroy insulation and chew up the power cable lines. These creatures won’t leave the roof alone, either. So, consider getting a Roof replacement Lawrenceville or repair the existing roof with the help of a professional.


Problems with the roof aren’t something you can take your time with. Contact Pro Atlanta Roofing within moments of finding an issue with the roof of your house.

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