6 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Planning your wedding can quickly turn into one of the biggest challenges you’ve ever faced. There are simply too many things to factor in, not to mention all the costs that can give you a real headache.

Weddings are usually very expensive, but they don’t need to be. You can have a cheaper wedding that still turns out to be marvelous. You just have to plan everything wisely. With that in mind, take a look at the smartest ways to save money on your wedding.

Plan an Off-Season Wedding

Most people love spring or summer weddings since that’s when the weather is the most pleasant. However, winter weddings have their own unique charm, and they’re much cheaper.

If you get married during the off-season honeymoon preparations, you’ll save quite a bit of money, simply because peak-season weddings are more expensive.

The peak season for weddings usually starts in April and continues all through October. June, September, and October are the most popular months for weddings.

Save the date for any of the other months, and you’ll save plenty of money right from the start. Also, steer clear of Saturdays – for the same reason.

Be Smart When Choosing the Venue

The venue for your wedding ceremony and reception is important, but it doesn’t need to be too luxurious. Such venues always come with a hefty price.

Instead, find an inexpensive location that you find attractive. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one that is usually used for weddings. It could be a beautiful park, a rented house, or even a campus. If you go with a local park, be sure to get a permit, and plan for the weather.

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Whatever you choose, make sure you can use your vendors. The venues that require you to use their caterers, and any other staff, are always more expensive.

Explore DIY Possibilities

There are plenty of DIY possibilities for weddings. You don’t have to buy everything. You can make your own wedding invitations, or find a creative friend to do it for you. Even Microsoft Word offers lots of templates you can use to make your wedding invitations and even personalize them any way you want.

You can also prepare your own food, including the wedding cake. You can make decorations, floral arrangements, bouquets, and almost anything else you need to spruce up the venue.

DJ Your Own Wedding

Getting good music for your wedding is one of the most important things to check off your list. You want your guests to have fun, and throw a memorable party where they’ll dance the night away.

However, hiring a DJ, or a professional band, doesn’t always come cheap. This is why you should think about making your own music playlist and using your sound system. You can be your own DJ, or you can have your bartender, or a friend, play your chosen music.

Rent the Wedding Dress

Wedding gown prices are usually very steep. This is why you should explore low-cost bridal shops, where you can find vintage dresses at very affordable prices. Also, you don’t have to buy the dress – you can rent it.

There are also infinite possibilities with white dresses that aren’t necessarily wedding gowns. You can find a good dressmaker to embellish a beautiful white dress and make it absolutely unique. This could save you hundreds of dollars.

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There are plenty of affordable options for groom suits as well, so be sure to shop around to find the best deals.

Look for Cheaper Flights and Hotels for Your Honeymoon

Planning a wedding typically comes with honeymoon preparations. Your honeymoon costs can easily go through the roof, but there’s a solution for cutting the prices of flights and hotels.

Many online retailers use location and browsing history to offer their website visitors better deals. However, they also increase their prices for users who search for something several times or live in higher-income countries.

If you get a VPN for your laptop, you’ll prevent retailers from using their tricks on you. A VPN will hide your IP address and online activity, so no one will know what you search for online. And you can pick a lower-income country to browse from to find better deals. This way, you’ll be able to get much cheaper plane tickets, and an affordable hotel to stay at on your honeymoon.

When planning your wedding, know that you can save money on literally everything. Start with these tips, but be sure to explore more ideas. You’ll cut your expenses at least in half, and enjoy your big day completely stress-free.

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