A Guide to Thermal Pane Windows

Thermal windows are windows that have energy efficient properties. They are made up of multiple panes of high-performance energy efficient glass. This ensures that they are more energy efficient than the basic single pane windows. Simply fixing two to three panes of glass using insulating gas between each pane reduces energy consumption as the transfer of heat is greatly reduced.Repair a window that may have cracks, before you install thermal pane windows, to prevent further damages.

How do thermal windows improve energy efficiency?

Thermal windows consist of panes of glass which are separated by an insulated gas filled gap. This specific gas decreases the volume of heat that is transferred between the exterior and interior of your house. In summer, the windows will stop the heat outside from entering the house. In winter, less heat from the inside of the home will be transferred outside. Studies indicate that 30% or more of a homes heating and cooling costs involve windows. Together with the gas between the window panes, thermal windows utilise energy efficient glass. This energy efficient glass further assists in energy efficiency by obstructing UV light that is heat generating from passing through.

Installation of thermal windows

Installation of thermal pane windows is quick and can be done by yourself. These windows add functionality to your home or business and improve the overall look. Below are a few steps to help you with installation:

  • Take the necessary safety measures: The process can be completed in an hour however, you will need to take the relevant safety measures. These include using gloves that are apt for working with glass and covering your nose and mouth with a mask.
  • Adequately prep your work area: If you have curtains, drapes or blinds, it is advisable that you remove them first. Ensure that there is no clutter around you.
  • Clean the window: You should ensure that your window is cleaned well and contains no dust or dirt. Use an ammonia based cleaner and make sure the cloth you use is free from lint.
  • Double check: After you have cleaned the area and the window, inspect the space again to make sure that you have taken out all the dirt. You may notice dry paint on the surface, now is a good time to scrape it off.
  • Ensure that the fit is snug: Check the windows to make doubly sure that they fit well. Make the necessary adjustments if you need to.
  • Caulk the window: You should apply silicone caulk to the edge of the old window’s interior. Use a good quality caulk and ensure that you apply the right amount. Don’t be excessive.
  • Position the window: Place the window in the right spot and slide them into position. Ensure that the frame is placed in an upright position.
  • Secure and finish: Once you have secured the window you can use a wood trim to mask the nailing on the window. Touch up any areas that paint may have gone on.
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