Best Note-Taking Systems

Note-taking is an important aspect of any student’s life. It not only helps to memorize the topics taught in class but also helps you to study them during your exams. These notes go a long way in helping you out. In between college assignments, exams, you don’t always get time to sit down and write down everything, and this is where note-taking is going to help you.

However, this task isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s not about writing down each, and everything the professor tells you as we do for college assignments. It’s about jotting down the important point with their basic explanation so as to catch up with the professor. Hence, let us discuss a few effective ways to take notes.

1. The Outline Method

This is the most popular notes taking methods that students usually use. As the name suggests, the outline method indicates writing the main topic and then the explanation with bullet points to keep it organized and easy to understand.

2. The Boxing Method

This method implies boxing all the important points or paragraphs. You can box similar points and name them separately. This makes it convenient to know the relevant points.

3. The Cornell Method

The Cornell method includes having a different layout to understand better. The left side should be 30% and right side 70%. You will need to write the notes taken in class on the right-hand side and include the main keywords or points on the left side. After class, you should make sure to write a basic summary of it.

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4. The Mapping Method

This method comes handy when you are learning about related topics. It is a visual note-taking method that is useful when learning the relationships between the topics. It helps you to remember things easily.

5. The Charting Method

The Charting method uses columns to categorize the topics. It is useful for topics that have facts or relationships between them. You can create as many columns as you want and mention the detailed description in the rows below.

6. The Sentence Method

This method is to write down each sentence generally. It mainly works for fast-paced lessons. Just jot down the sentences according to your understanding.

7. The Diagram Method

The Diagram method usually consists of taking down notes with the help of diagrams. We remember better when we see things visually. You can randomly draw figures, name them, and show associations.

8. The Labelling Method

This method requires you to label every important point that you see. Label every page of your notes with date, chapter name, and subject. Also, you can jot down the page numbers to remember where each topic lies.

The most successful students always have a note-taking method. Notes are useful during exams and can help you prepare yourself with ease. It motivates you to pay attention in class and be active. It also helps you to organize your notes so that you don’t go searching for them at the last minute. So, follow these methods to take down notes for yourself in an effective and organized manner.

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