Why You Should Get Naked (100 Vape Juice)

According to Etymonline and similar sources like it, the etymology of the word “naked” stems from Germanic (nackt), Latin (nudus), and Old English (nacod) etymology, with varying definitions from “bare”, “strip”, “without the usual or customary covering”, and “mere, pure, open to view, unconcealed.” These are definitions obvious, yet so obfuscated by Photoshop, platitudes, and sterile, prudish corporatism.

Even in 2019, society is still rife with those who are placated by the customary covering, those who would rather conceal and obscure the truth out of open sight than placing them under pure, honest, unadulterated purview. The prudish moralizers, grifters, authoritarians, charlatans, and con artists who believe a false, abridged, status quo perception of “reality” is more rewarding than the real deal. Even with the writing lain bare on the wall, and even with a myriad of academic studies lamenting “consumer disillusionment” readily available, very few brands and advertisers are keen on embracing nakedness to its fullest potential.

Nudity is humanity. It is honesty. It is raw, unflinching authenticity to the nth degree. It is zero exemption from flaws, foibles, imperfections, or judgments. It’s not something striving to please everyone’s palettes, nor does it concern itself with doing so. When there’s nearly eight billion of “everyone” to go around, after all, it’s a tad impossible of a goal. That’s why to like it or not, Schwartz E-Liquid is out to supply pure, unflinching, raw, rich, natural, flavorful, Naked 100 vape juice, from California to anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Given that the vape industry is a relatively contemporary one, it hadn’t faced the same regulatory scrutiny of many traditional tobacco products until fairly recently, when the FDA finally pledged to do so in 2016. Even so, many traditional vape e-liquid brands still have aerosol and aldehyde particles prevalent in their flavoring compounds, particles which have a known association with treatment-resistant cancer cells. That’s why Naked100 is committed to only using expressly natural flavoring for its vape juice, giving back to tobacco alternative advocacy groups, using recycled products and packaging in their manufacturing, incorporating food production quality control checkpoint standards into their practice. Additionally, Naked 100 is willing to bare all regarding safety standards, vaping etiquette, and the varying contents that go into their vape juice, from salt nicotine to regular garden variety nicotine. However, there are different types of vape juice available or side of these norms, for example. cannabis and CBD vape are becoming more popular. If you would like to learn more about the different variety of vapes available you may want to visit somewhere similar to https://www.dailymarijuana.ca.

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Menthol, fruit, strawberry, blueberry sweet, sour, tart, citrus, cinnamon, menthol, nicotine, nicotine-free, hard tobacco, holistic CBD relaxation; if you can conceptualize it, the odds are that there’s probably a Naked 100 vape juice flavor for it. CBD products, like those from Improb, are known to have calming effects and wellness benefits which is why CBD vapes are likely to be a popular choice. The best thing is, for the CBD derived naked products, they are legal in many countries now thanks to medical and recreational marijuana becoming legal. CBD is becoming easily accessible and users can get CBD e liquid Canada, America and numerous parts of Europe.

However, there are still countries where CBD is legal where THC isn’t, for example, read the UK law for CBD. Anything delectable, rather: there’s no slimy rotting vegetable compost blends or authentic MLB All-Pro sweat-beaded summer baseball cap blends, but why would you desire those anyways? Of course, everyone can’t be pleased, but avoiding those should be the universal consensus. Regardless, My Vape Delivery is proud to carry an extensive line of Naked100 Vape Juice in plain sight, one which might not please everyone, but is bound to satisfy most people’s palettes. Embrace the natural difference and get Naked today!

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