Is It The Right Time to Change Your Wooden Dining Table?

The dining table is one of the most used pieces of furniture t home. Therefore, you can expect it to depreciate rapidly. On average, a high-quality wooden dining table could last for about 5 to 20 years. How long your dining table takes will depend on its quality, design, use and location. If you are looking for an antique dining table you want to pay a visit to an antique furniture store, similar to antiques world to find the perfect dining table for you and your home!

Often, minor issues such as discoloration or loose legs can be easily fixed. However, major damages will require replacement. This post is a demonstration of when to replace your reclaimed wood dining table.

Change the Wooden Dining Table when Moving to a New Home

When people are moving to new homes, they consider it as a time to change. They want to reflect the new beginning through change of furniture and interior decor. By changing the decor, it implies that you can make the home to take the design of a new city or country. For example, if you are moving from Scotland to London, go for tables that make you to feel like a Londoner.

NOTE: Some people might prefer taking a different type of home decor when moving to new cities in order to look unique. For example, you might want to use a circular Oak dining table instead of the common rectangular designs.

Buy a New Wooden Table if the Theme of your Home Changes

If you have had a specific theme for some time, it might be time for some changes. Adopting a new theme can help to revitalize your home. In many cases, people prefer to centre the theme of their home themes on the main furniture such as the sofa and dining tables. If a theme requires you to adopt different colours such as golden brown or yellowish tone, consider acquiring dining tables with rhyming colours.

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However, you could acquire a slightly different table to emphasize on diversity. For example, you could use the dining table with colours that match with the wall and curtains while the dining chairs, area rugs, and wall painting differ slightly.

If the Wooden Dining Table Keeps Breaking Down

If you are using a reclaimed wood dining table, the wood is likely to have seen its better days. Therefore, it is likely to keep breaking down regularly. The main parts of the table that get damaged first are the legs and joints. If the breakdown becomes too common, it is time to grab a new table.

It is important to regularly check the dining table and test its strength. You could even reinforce it using new planks of wood and refastening the joints. However, do not let the table become an inconvenience because of regular breakdowns. Check with top wooden dining table dealers to get a similar model. This could also be a great moment to check other table designs available in the market.

A New and More Impressive Wooden Dining Table has Hit the Market

When you host friends for a special night, one of the goals is getting them to carry unforgettable memories about your home. You want them to spread the word about how stylish and lavish your home is. To achieve this, you need to have unique furniture in the house. Therefore, when a new and more impressive dining table hits the market, it might be time to replace the old one. Remember to ensure that the table matches well with other furniture in the house.

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Having an impressive wooden dining table is important in making your home look more attractive. Therefore, it is advisable to replace it when it gets old, damaged, or a more impressive version hits the market. Remember to always ensure that the new dining table helps you to advance the preferred home theme.

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