5 Online Shopping Platforms You Should Consider Apart from Amazon

The world has gone digital and we can now buy almost everything online. The comfort of sitting on your couch or not having to take a break from your busy schedule to go out and shop cannot be unrivaled.

There are numerous online platforms and shops that offer a variety of products. Sometimes it can be scary to trust platforms that you have never heard about, that is why you should visit Collected.Reviews to read testimonials about any shop before you patronize them. This can reduce your worry about source of goods and quality.

If you are looking for an alternative to Amazon because they do not ship to your location, they are out of stock or do not sell the item you want, there are several alternatives to choose from, and below are 5 online shopping platforms that can be used as a substitute to Amazon.

1. EBay: This is a mega online platform that sells a variety of products to people all over the world. It gives retailers the opportunity to sell on their platform as well. It is well known as a shop where one can find buyers for their used items and other rare collectibles. You can also find brand new products on their store in categories like, books, clothing, shoes, and accessories, collectibles, Crafts, and home and Garden.

2. Etsy: Etsy is a mega platform for creative goods. You can find unique and extraordinary items that are most times original and hand-crafted. If you are looking for original art and jewelry, Etsy should be your first stop. They also allow the artists of these unique products to sell their products on the platform directly. This way there is never a shortage of great items to buy.

3. Wish: This is another shopping platform that allows users to buy directly from the sellers. It is known for its many deals and incomparably cheap items. Wish ships worldwide, though sometimes your items might take a long period to arrive. You can find items like toys, gadgets, home decor, fashion, shoes, and phone upgrades.

4. Target: This is a physical retail store with branches all over the United States that allow their customers to buy their products online. They are known for providing same day delivery to their customers in the U.S.  Target sells general merchandise including food, clothing electronics and household goods.

5. Overstock: If you are looking for excellent furniture for your home or office, you can head over to overstock for unlimited design choices. This store sells furniture exclusively, and provides the best office and home décor and electronics.  They have a membership plan like amazon that affords the owner access to a number of gifts and discounts.

There are many things you can get from one of the stores above that amazon doesn’t offer. If you are looking for something specific, now you will not be stranded if you can’t find it on amazon. You can visit any of the above stores and enjoy their services as well as access to high quality products.

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