Astronomical Events in November 2021: November 4, 5 – Taurids Meteor Shower


Few night sky events are more exciting than an active meteor shower. When you hit it right, you can see as many as 20 or even 30 in one hour. While some of these “shooting stars” will be faint, others can be quite bright and illuminate a large section of the sky. Even more impressive, the meteors can be colorful, forming hues of red, green, yellow and blue.

There is no denying that more energy is in the air during this time, making it an ideal moment to connect with your favorite psychic or medium. In fact, past life readings can be enhanced by the atmosphere of all of this dust from deep space. Channeling the vibrations from this moment can result in uncommon insights as well as a memorable session. 

When Does the Taurids Meteor Shower Start?

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you can expect the Taurids show, located mostly in the constellation Taurus, to peak in early November, around the 4th and 5th. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the Taurids peak a little later, around the 11th and 12th of November. With the appearance of the Leonids a bit later in the month, November is an excellent time to see “falling stars.”

This can also be a wonderful time to talk to a deceased loved one. All of this radiant energy in the night sky can help your guide tune in to a different realm. A few actions can improve the session:

  • Go outdoors if possible
  • Dress warm and find a comfortable spot away from lights
  • Let your eyes adjust to the darkness
  • Take calming breaths
  • Allow your mind and heart to remain open
  • Connect with a trusted medium
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Meteor showers often peak later in the night. This can be a good opportunity to let your daily life fade into the background. A more receptive frame of mind allows you to experience moments out of the ordinary. A message from another realm seems even more possible on a night with visitors from the far reaches of our solar system.

All You Need To Know About the Taurids Meteor Shower

The Taurids meteor shower is not noted for the number of meteors, but for the quality of these objects from deep space. While the rate is lower than during the Leonids, the Taurids can result in brilliant fireballs that light up the night sky. The reason for the show comes from debris left by the Comet Encke.

Some years are better than others, especially when the planet Jupiter comes close to the comet’s tail. This can lead to an event known as an “outburst,” resulting in more meteors during the night. This is expected to happen in 2022.

With so many vibrations in the air, this can be a good time to find lost objects. A trained and experienced psychic can harness the influx of energy and increase his or her powers of clairvoyance. This might just be the push needed to find a missing item that means a lot to you. A guided session during the Taurids can be an unforgettable experience.

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