How to Make Your Garden Easy to Maintain

Are you new to gardening? Are you struggling to maintain your garden? If yes, you have come to the right place.

Owning a garden is one thing; maintaining it is another cup of tea. From watering plants, cleaning leaves to weeding, there are many activities that come with owning a garden. Of course, the work is even harder if you have a larger garden.

When gardening becomes tiresome, most people resort to downsizing. Unfortunately, that is not a very efficient way to utilize your garden space. In this post, we will discuss some of the best ways to make your garden easy to maintain.

Choose Low Maintenance Ground Cover

If you want to make your garden easy to maintain, the first step you should take is investing in a low-maintenance ground cover, such as an artificial turf or Mondo grass. A low-maintenance ground cover is a good idea for gardeners who desire a lush-looking garden but don’t have the time to do the actual gardening work. 

Low-maintenance ground cover options do not need constant care to thrive because they retain water and choke out the weeds. They are also resistant to pesticides, meaning you wouldn’t need to set a date for pest control. 

Allocate Part of Your Garden for Outdoor Living

Another great idea to make your garden easy to maintain is allocating part of the space for outdoor living. An outdoor living space is great for entertaining your guests but also means less space for actual gardening and growing plants. 

With an outdoor living space, you still enjoy the benefits of owning a beautiful garden without doing too much work weeding, pruning and mowing grass. Also, a small garden means less work, resulting in better results. 

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Plant a Few Varieties of Plants

The other way to make your garden easy to maintain is to keep plant variety down to a minimum. With few plants, you can significantly lower maintenance practices and, consequently, the time you have to spend in the garden.

For instance, you can plant shrubs, such as Barberries and Junipers, or flowering perennials, such as Hardy Geraniums and Dianthuses. These low-maintenance plants are easy to maintain and don’t easily overgrow, cutting down the time you need to invest in your garden. To add extra colors to the garden, you can add a few flowers to the mix.

Use Potted Plants

Potted plants are arguably the best way to make your garden easy to maintain. For starters, they are easy to move around when gardening. Additionally, they provide an easy way to grow various plants without worrying about weeds. Lastly, these pots hold water for longer hours than the ground, reducing the watering sessions significantly. 

Most gardeners prefer using pots for planting since they minimize maintenance activities without sacrificing versatility, color and personality. 


Everyone desires a well-maintained garden with a variety of plants and colors. Unfortunately, not every gardener has the time and resources to achieve such a feat all year round. The only solution is to downsize or create a low-maintenance garden. 

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