Four Main Types of Cleaning Services Offered by Cleaning Companies

First impression matter a lot whether it is your home or business. A dirty messy home can make the guests uncomfortable and unimpressed. Similarly, a filthy, unkempt office can make the visitors think twice about working with you. Hence, maintaining a good level of cleanliness and hygiene in your home or business environment is very important. But with the rush of our busy lives, we don’t get enough time to maintain a good level of cleanliness around us. This is when most residents or business owners turn to professional services for their cleaning needs. But how much do you know about the various cleaning services being offered? There are many different types of cleaning services depending on the cleaning requirement or the industry that needs the service. Whether it is a manufacturing unit or a corporate office, all cleaning services can be categorized into four categories as follows:

Janitorial Cleaning Service

Janitorial services usually include the standard cleaning services like dusting, mopping, removing trash, recycling, sanitizing, etc. The main feature of this service that it it’s completed as a cycle of tasks repeated on a pre-determined time interval. This means it could be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. And the services completed can also be customized based on the home or facility that requires the services. For example, a medical institute may require thorough cleaning and sanitization twice a day while a corporate office may only need cleaning once a day.

Project-Related Cleaning Services

When it comes to large buildings, not all parts of a building may require daily cleaning at the same time. Some areas may require regular daily cleaning while other busy areas may require cleaning twice a day. If any part of the building is dedicated to specific task or project, the cleaning requirements for that area can also differ. For example, a laboratory may require careful cleaning and sanitization of all the tools along with the floors and windows. On the other hand, a floor cleaning service contract can also include stripping and waxing the floors once a year along with the regular dusting and mopping services.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial services often include those services that are provided to large corporate areas or commercial buildings. They include specific services that are usually required once and do not need to be repeated regularly. For example, thorough cleaning of carpets, windows, or appliances like AC, refrigerator, etc. in an office or building. It can also include one-time tasks like power washing the office once a year or cleaning services at annual events etc. These services are billed as a one-time fee and are not repeated regularly.

Disaster Cleaning and Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, even the simplest of tasks may seem like a big challenge. Especially when it comes to cleaning and restoration, handling a disaster-ridden site can be a tough challenge. This is where trained cleaning professionals can help you out. They have good knowledge and experience of what to do in such situations and can handle things more professionally and quickly. Whether it is earthquake or fire, trained professional cleaners can help you sort out the aftermath and restore the facility to a better condition.

Once you know what services are offered in the cleaning industry and what your requirements are, hiring a good cleaning company becomes much easier.

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