7 Easy Steps to a Stress Relieving Bath

Have you had a hectic day and are feeling like you have been run over by a big truck? Yes, you know for sure you do need a bath; a proper one for that matter. You don’t have to visit a spa to have that stress-relieving session. You have that relaxing bliss in the comfort of your home and get to save some bucks in the process. All this on your own terms and the privacy of your home. Who wouldn’t want that? So are you game? Here are the 7 easy steps to make that moment memorable;

1: Clean Your Tub

Your main focus might be to have a relaxing bath, but you wouldn’t achieve that with any weird dirt floating on your bathwater as you’re trying to unwind. A quick scrub will do the trick if you regularly use it. But if it’s already losing its spark or has some irreversible rust, then you might want to replace it or consider professional services in Tub refinishing Orlando . You can also use a deep cleaner to see if it works.

2: Gather Essential Materials

Nothing is annoying as trying to reach out for your favorite body scrub only to find it missing. So ensure everything you expect to use is in place and reachable before stepping into the bathtub. It could be anything from your face mask, bathrobe to hair products.

3: Set A relaxing Mood

The best way to achieve this is through lighting candles. Get scented ones if possible and creatively arrange them at a safe distance. If that doesn’t work for you then a couple of dimmable LEDs would do. You can also turn on your favorite music in the background to let you loosen-up.

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4: Set The Perfect Bathwater Temperature

The perfect temperature for a stress relieving experience should be warm enough to spike your blood vessels, but not too hot to damage your sensitive skin. Anything between 90-105 degrees is fine. It’s now time to close the drain and fill up the tub.

5: Add Some Essential Oils, Muscle Relaxing Salt and Some Herbal Tea

Make some DIY herbal teas and add to your water for a whole body detox. If you have some muscle aches, then an Epsom salt soak will help get rid of the inflammation and ease the pain. You can also add some essential oils to prepare your unique salt baths. A mix of lemon, rosemary, mint, roses, lavender, cedar-wood are among the most used. You might also want to add some optimal liposomal glutathione to help with your detox.

6: Get Into The Tub and Close Your Eyes

Once your water is filled up and at the right temperature, it’s time to slide in. You can use a waterproof pillow to help rest your head at the edge of the tub. Now close your eyes to allow yourself to sink into ultimate relaxation. You can even meditate with deep breathing, read a book or sip a glass of wine. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy a bath, or if you prefer the following option, you could always try out a detox foot bath from AMD, testimonials of which suggest the product makes a positive impact on peoples lives.

7: Finish Your Bath

When you achieve sufficient relaxation, you can now grab your bathrobe and get out of the tub. Remember, you don’t have to wait for the water to get cold. Dry yourself and moisturize with your favorite body lotion. It’s also time to wash-off that face mask. Spend some time alone without gadgets.

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Having a stress-free bath isn’t as hard as most individuals perceive. You can prepare a simple Jacuzzi-like experience at home and unwind. Just ensure you get the tub clean, gather all the essentials and set a relaxing mood. After all, relaxation begins from the mind.

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