Knowledge To Know Before Buying RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Ready-to-assemble cabinets have gained massive popularity over the last twenty years or so. They are widely loved for their high-quality construction and cost-effectiveness.  If you are planning to buy kitchen cabinets online and you want them delivered to you unassembled, this article is for you.  

We seek to enlighten you about things you must consider before buying RTA kitchen cabinets. Read on to find out why flat-packed cabinets are better than assembled cabinetry designs

Advantages and Disadvantages of RTA Kitchen Cabinets


  • Access to More and Better Quality for Less

Generally speaking, RTA kitchen cabinets are considerably less expensive compared to assembled cabinet varieties. Because of the minimal labor costs involved in engineering them, these types of kitchen furniture cost lower than you can imagine. With their cost of purchase excluding costs of installation, RTA cabinets can provide you with more for less. 

  • Convenience

As we have just mentioned above, RTA cabinets are convenient in terms of their cost of purchase. In terms of installation, flat-packed cupboard designs are not only cheaper but easier to install. Whether you are a novice or amateur in fitting cabinet pieces together, you will find the installation of RTA cupboards rewarding. 

All you need to do to bind cabinets’ pieces together is to fit them before nailing or gluing them. If by any chance you face certain difficulties binding cabinet pieces, RTA cabinet manufacturers have agents on standby ready to assist via a 24/7 toll-free customer service line. 

  • Unequalled Chances for Customization

Because they come in an unassembled format, RTA kitchen cabinets are wonderfully easier to optimize. If you go for varieties made up of pre-set materials, sizes, colors, and shapes, you can easily craft them according to the functional and visual design features you want your pantry to portray. You can also get readily customized RTA cabinets by placing orders based on your interior design preferences. 

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With the significantly low shipping costs involved in transporting RTA drawers, you can easily get cabinet designs fully customized for your interior design needs by ordering from dealers outside your region. This is especially if the dealers within your location are not in a position to offer what you want. 


#1: Time-Wasting

In terms of installation, RTA kitchen cabinets can waste your time unfathomably, especially if you are challenged by binding cabinet pieces together using either nails or glue.  While they are cheaper to acquire, installing them is a nightmare many homeowners would never wish to experience. 

Thankfully, RTA cabinet manufacturers are always willing to assist clients troubled by putting cabinet pieces together. In case you are challenged by the art of binding cabinet pieces together, just call your cabinet dealer or manufacturer for assistance. 

#2: High-Risk

Generally speaking, ordering RTA cabinets is a high-risk affair for two reasons. First, there’s no way you can be sure that the cabinets being shipped to you will fit perfectly inside your kitchen, especially if you are not good at installing kitchen cabinets. Your dealer may mistake your design specification and deliver you something that you don’t like. 

Second, if you are inexperienced in installing RTA kitchen cabinets, there’s no way you can be sure about binding cabinet pieces together in the right way. In this way, trusting that RTA cabinets will fit perfectly in your kitchen seems like taking a risk. 

#3: Limited Design Options

Unlike custom cabinets, RTA cabinets provide homeowners with limited design options to choose from. These drawers are not broad-ranged in terms of design variability. Therefore, if you go for RTA cabinets, be sure you will be forced to compromise on some cabinet design features that you hold in high esteem, for example, color and material. 

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Fortunately, while they are limited in terms of design variability, RTA cupboards provide perfect chances for customization. Although you may be forced to compromise on some design aspects, you can still craft the cabinets according to your tastes or wants

How Complex is it to Assemble RTA Kitchen Cabinets? 

How long you can take to assemble RTA kitchen cabinets ideally depends on your level of experience in installing these cabinet designs. On average, however, you should spend at least one hour putting together and binding all RTA cabinet pieces. 

If you are a pro in installing RTA cupboards, you are more likely to spend half an hour to completely assemble new RTA cupboard varieties. Typically, RTA cabinets are made up of bare wood and feature simpler construction formats. This implies that installing them is not as hard as you can imagine considering the ease of outfitting natural wood.

Where Can I Find RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

Now that you know how much money you can save by buying RTA cabinets, you are probably wondering where to find them. The good news is that ready-to-assemble cabinets are readily available for you. You can easily order them online, sit back, and relax as you wait for them to be shipped conveniently to your location. 

If you want the right cabinets to be shipped to you, always consider the following before placing your order. 

    • Your Preferred Styles in Interior Design: You need to beware of your preferences in interior design unless you want to get RTA kitchen cabinets that cannot match your tastes or functional concerns. Your dealer would want to know the right cabinet design specification to get you the most ideal cabinets for you. Hence, always know what you want to achieve with RTA kitchen cabinets before buying them. 
  • Vendor’s Reputation: Did you know that only reputable cabinet vendors and manufacturers can deliver to you genuine products? Therefore, when buying RTA cabinets, always ensure that you are dealing with an accredited vendor or manufacturer who can ship your products a few days after you make your purchase. 
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Final Thoughts

As homeowners from diverse backgrounds continue to be attracted to contemporary cabinet designs, their attraction for RTA kitchen cabinets is seemingly surpassing their imaginations. But RTA cabinets are genuinely attractive, from their low-budget nature to the ease of customizing and installing them. While they are somewhat limited in terms of the multiplicity of their design options, ready-to-assemble cabinetries can easily be customized. 

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