6 Easy Ways to Pick Your Wedding Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can’t be compared to shopping for a wedding ring as two people are involved in choosing. The approach of getting a wedding ring is different from an engagement ring because most couples buy their wedding ring together and there is no element of surprise. The best way to go about it is, researching on the various designs and metals available.

It usually takes time to decide on the type of ring you both want. Take time to narrow down the choices you both make without too much pressure. You can decide to either buy online, in a vintage store or from a jeweler. The upside of buying from a jeweler is that they may give you some insights on insurance and maybe offer some free maintenance. If you have any queries about any styles or materials, don’t be afraid to contact us online for wedding bands, and remember there are no silly questions! At the end of the day, you’re going to be wearing this wedding ring for the rest of your life so you want it to be a suitable choice.

Here is a few ways to make your life easier on the endless options when it comes to wedding rings;

Have a budget well in advance.

You should not get into debt while buying a ring. You should consider looking at online stores, antique stores as some of them are cheaper than buying a brand new ring.

You can always ask for a certificate of authenticity if buying a diamond ring larger than 1 karat. You will have to pay more if the diamond is smaller than that. Get the ring insured by a reputable insurance company and ensure that they cover the loss because this may be the most expensive piece of jewelry you would have ever bought.

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Always start early

Generally, it takes 4- 5 weeks to get wedding ring sized and ready. For wedding rings that are customized, will take more time. Many couples overlook production time and end up having an uncompleted ring. Recommended time is 6-8 months before the wedding to ensure you aren’t under pressure or rushed.

Practicality of the ring

A ring with a lot of gemstones will get caught on gear, clothes or hair and it would probably wear in a few months. If you are an active or outdoorsy type, a lower gemstone setting would be appropriate. It is important to choose the right fit for your lifestyle to ensure it lasts forever.

Chose the right metal

The most common metal used on wedding rings is gold. Although there are other metals that are similar or even better than gold. For a matching piece, the couples should go for the same metal.

Metals like yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten and sterling silver have become popular and more people are using them in wedding rings. While the styles of the engagement rings and wedding rings can be different, when the wedding rings have the same metal, it gives subtle look and a beautiful feel.

Check for quality and consider the maintenance

A quality wedding ring has a manufacturer’s trademark and a quality mark. Make sure that the wedding rings have two marks inside the band. This proves the metal quality is what the jeweler says it is.

Most rings have to be cleaned to help with the sparkle. Ensure that you know what kind of maintenance the ring will need before getting it and if the jeweler offers free maintenance for a period of time. You may want to opt for a ring that needs just a simple rub.

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Wedding rings reminds couples of morality, belonging to someone, growing old together, home and both laughter and sadness shared. The world embraces the ring as a symbol of love and closeness between two consenting adults. While trends come and go, a wedding ring should last a lifetime.

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