Reasons Why Your Dryer Isn’t Working Anymore

Your regular laundry routine depends on your dryer. Without it, you will have to find room to hang all of your clothes to dry, which takes a lot longer. Dryers, even those on the less expensive side, can still be costly. Such an unexpected expense may be outside of your your monthly budget. Fortunately, if you know the reason why your dryer isn’t working anymore, you may be able to fix the issue without spending a lot of money on a new one. Here are some reasons a dryer might not work correctly.

It Has Come Unplugged

If you have recently moved your dryer or shifted it around a bit, it’s possible the plug has come undone. Double check that it’s fully connected to the socket and that the cord isn’t damaged. If it’s a gas dryer, make certain the gas lines are connected. If they are not, you should leave your home and immediately contact a professional. A gas leak can be very, very dangerous. 

Troubleshooting Guide:

Check Your Breakers and Gas

If your dryer is electric, you should check to see if you have thrown a breaker. Typically, the dryer is on a 240-volt double breaker by itself. In some cases, only one part of the breaker may have been affected. In this case, it’s possible your dryer will still run but won’t heat. Reset both parts of the breaker to ensure it’s not the issue. For gas dryers, make sure your gas line is active. If your gas dryer isn’t running, it could still be a breaker issue. 

Is Your Dryer Vent Clogged?

If the dryer vent is clogged up, it’s possible that’s the problem. You’ll need to move your dryer out from the wall and disconnect it from the vent. If you see a large amount of lint here, removing what you can reach may be enough to get your dryer working again. 

Josh Foy of Vent Gator Dry Vent Cleaning in Redlands, California explains, “We are frequently called out to homes where the dryer isn’t working properly. In nearly most all of the cases the dryer vent has never been cleaned and is clogged. Not only does this create a fire hazard but the dryer will not work properly until the venting is cleared.” 

However, a lot of lint near the opening of the vent usually means the whole duct is clogged. You will need to pick up a vent cleaning tool and use it to clean the entire duct from both the interior and exterior opening. Even if there’s no clog right inside the interior vent, check the exterior one to make sure nothing is wrong there. 

You’ve Blown a Thermal Fuse

What if your dryer won’t start even after you’ve cleaned out your vent? It could be due to a blown thermal fuse. These two issues do often go hand-in-hand. That’s because the thermal fuse stops overheating. If the vent was clogged, the dryer can’t vent out its hot air and will overheat. If your thermal fuse has blown, the only way to get your dryer working again is to replace it. Fortunately, it’s a fairly inexpensive and easy fix. Just be sure to always clean out the vent if you do need to replace the fuse. If you don’t, it’s likely your new flow will pop soon.

The Door Switch Is Broken

When the dryer’s door switch doesn’t fully flip, the dryer thinks the door is still open and won’t start. Make suer the door is fully closed before you press the start button. If it doesn’t start, open the door and hold in the switch lever. The drum light will turn off if the switch is working as it should. If it doesn’t, the switch has failed somewhere and will need to be repaired.

It Needs a New Belt

Another common problem is a burnt out drive belt. If the dryer starts up by the drum won’t spin, it’s likely a belt issue. You will need to replace the belt, which again is a fairly inexpensive and basic repair. 

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