Hooked Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Hooked Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial

A DIY Projects very thankful to Katheryn Balch for submitting this awesome Hooked Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial for our Halloween Makeup Contest. Follow the below steps and required material share by Katheryn Balch.

I’ve created this Hooked Mermaid look to add to my portfolio as I am attending Beauty School soon and wanted to enter it into this contest! This was my first time using SFX Liquid Latex and it turned out to be a really great success.

Hooked Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Material I used:

  • Fish Hooks I glued to the toilet paper on my face-WALMART, approx. $3
  • Liquid Latex used to glue everything on for the wound-Ebay, $9.91
  • Kandee Johnson makeup products (varies) I already had, for general makeup
  • Just used some fishnet stockings I already had to do the mermaid scales
  • Adhesive pearls I stuck on my face-MICHAEL’S CRAFT STORE, approx. $4
  • Fake blood kit + paint to put color on the toilet paper and make it look real SCHNUCK’s, approx. $6
  • Toilet paper for the wound that I stuck on with the Liquid Latex
  • Edited the eyes, no contact lenses.

Hooked Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Hope you enjoy viewing this look as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

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