A Quick Look at Rattan Furniture and Why It’s So Popular

Choosing the right furniture to grace indoor and outdoor décor can be among the most complex tasks for most folks, especially those with less experience in the area. While teak, sal, and rosewood are common choices, more homeowners and commercial buildings like hotels are now opting for rattan over these traditional alternatives.

For instance, consider the high-quality Cohen rattan dresser that goes excellently in any room, adding elegance to its surroundings besides being functional. Similarly, several other furniture styles are made of this specific material that can brighten any space in your home or office.

People with little knowledge of this remarkable natural material and why it is quickly becoming the most preferred choice for most buyers can refer to the following information for better clarity.

About The Furniture

These items are made by weaving spectacular and strong rattan vines into various shapes, depending on the design specifications. Also, there are two variants of this furniture – natural and synthetic. 

The synthetic ones are manufactured and processed from resin material, made to resemble the natural ones precisely. On the other hand, the natural ones are made with a wicker weaving process using the vines, forming perfect shapes that primarily complement outdoor surroundings. 

However, wickerwork furniture is also trendy for indoor use in conservatories and glass-forward orangeries. It is durable and incredibly stylish, adding grace to backyards and patios worldwide.

Reasons It Is Popular

Research indicates that woven furniture has diverse uses in all possible surroundings, adding functionality and sophistication. Rattan models are more popular compared to other materials for the following reasons.

  • The woven texture and classic style of this furniture are instantly recognizable, making it one of the most stunning furnishings ever.
  • Quality products bought from reputable suppliers last a long time, ensuring buyers enjoy their spectacular style for several years.
  • The material is super flexible, allowing people to use it indoors and outdoors with equal elegance and timelessness.
  • Its lightweight feature makes it incredibly easy for people to move the items around and change the entire look of a room.
  • Natural weaves are eco-friendly, making them the perfect choice for nature lovers and environmental enthusiasts who prefer biodegradable products with small carbon footprints.
  • Synthetic variants also have advantages, such as durability and the strength to withstand rough weather conditions like rain and harsh UV rays.
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What To Buy

As mentioned earlier, the much sought-after Cohen rattan dresser can be a fabulous addition to any home, complementing everything else in the space. Typically incorporating six drawers, the piece has a naturally peeled frame, perfectly matching the woven sides, top, and shelves. 

Each drawer has two round knobs that have flower patterns in gold. The drawers are soft closed and made of robust wood, ensuring users can store anything without worrying about damage or lack of space.

You can buy classic-style beds, modern sofas, fancy pub tables, benches, coffee tables, stools, and bathroom vanities. Besides the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the item, buying it from a reputable vendor will ensure you enjoy value for money. 

Moreover, they will allow you to make the payment in reasonable installments over a while, enabling you to amass high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

Finally, note that these vendors also provide other products like light fixtures, wine racks, decorative wall accessories, and other home décor items.

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