The Best Way To Clean Natural Timber Flooring

Timber flooring can be an excellent way to transform your home, and to be able to keep the effect that they have, you will want to ensure that you maintain them correctly.

Wooden floors in your home can make your entire house pop, and they are also easy to keep free from dust and dirt. A quick sweep every day will take only a couple of minutes and will help to keep your wooden flooring in excellent condition. You will need to give them a more thorough cleaning on occasion, and you must use the correct method for cleaning them. If you are new to owning wooden floors and want to know the best way to clean them, follow the advice below.

What Is The Finish On Your Floor?

The first thing you will need to know about your wooden floors is what type of finish they have. There are two types of finishes and the first is a surface-sealed wood that prevents moisture from being absorbed. The second one is a lacquered or varnish finish, and you will need to use the same method for cleaning these as an oiled floor.

Cleaning A Surface-Sealed Floor

When it comes to hardwood timber flooring Melbourne homeowners go for, there are some excellent companies where you can source your flooring from, and a popular option is a surface-sealed wood. It is simple to clean these floors, and the first thing that you will need to do is remove all the dust from the surface. You can do this by vacuuming your wooden floor if you have a machine which is suitable and will not scratch them, or you can use a brush. Once you have removed the dust from the entire surface, you will then need a bucket full of warm water, and a wooden floor cleaner in a spray bottle. Spray a patch of the floor with the cleaner and then mop with the warm water. Ensure that you follow the grain of the wood and allow to dry naturally, or you can use a fan.

Cleaning An Oiled Floor

When you have an oiled floor, the process for cleaning it is almost the same as cleaning a surface-sealed one. Clean the dust from the surface of the floor, and then get a mop and bucket full of warm water. You will not need to use a cleaning spray. You can mop your floors thoroughly with the warm water, changing it when the water starts to get cloudy. Allow your wooden floor to air dry, and it will be spic and span in no time at all.

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A Deeper Clean

You will also want to give your floors a more in-depth cleaning once or twice a year, depending on how dirty they get. You will need to purchase a deep cleaning product for your wooden floor, and you can find plenty of choices online.

If you clean your wooden floors regularly and take excellent care of them, you can have them looking pristine for many years to come. They will surely look better with age.

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