6 Gorgeous Interior Design Trends Perfect for Millennials

Millennials are a very unique generation, having quite clear tastes, styles, and preferences, as well as distinct traits and beliefs that help to shape the way they design and style their homes. What’s more, they are also one of the largest generations in history, now making up a large percentage of the buying and renting market, meaning that catering to this generation is the key to real estate success. Whether you’re a property owner searching for advice or a Millennial yourself looking for inspiration, here are some of the best interior design trends perfect for Millennials:

Open-plan living

As a higher number of Millennials tend to live in smaller spaces compared to older generations, whether it’s due to financial reasons or the rise in urbanization, they often avoid overly structured floor plans that make a home feel smaller and stuffier. Instead, they prefer open-plan spaces that make their homes appear larger, airier, and more spacious.

Another benefit of open-plan living is that they allow for adaptation and making a space as custom and personal as necessary, another important aspect for many Millennials. For instance, a small workout area or a home office can easily be incorporated into an open-plan home, allowing Millennials to have complete freedom in deciding how they wish to use their living space.

Architectural features

This focus on open-plan living and plenty of unused space has given rise to another design trend among Millennials, and that is interesting architectural features. A higher number of buyers are now looking for homes that include statement-making aspects that could stand on their own, anything that adds visual interest and brings attention to the architectural elements of the space.

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This can mean anything from large glass panels that effortlessly bring the outdoors in, to reclaimed wooden beams that add a charming touch to an otherwise modern home, or even uniquely shaped statues and other sculptural pieces that instantly draw the eye. As long as the feature helps to enhance the architectural and interior design elements, it will certainly be appealing to young Millennials.

Contemporary and minimal

From small changes to larger lifestyle influences, minimalism has been an incredibly important aspect of Millennials’ lives, and interior design is no different. Nowadays, younger generations look for neutral and toned-down colors, fewer furniture pieces that are contemporary and beautiful, as well as just the right amount of accessorizing to make their home visually appealing without becoming cluttered.

But apart from the overall charm of the decor, minimalism needs to be functional as well. For that reason, Millennials will often opt for comfortable studios for rent that are attractive, minimally designed, and offer all the amenities one might need for living. Unlike traditional apartments, such studios combine personal privacy with communal areas like lounges and kitchens, being the perfect blend of functionality and design for any Millennial.

Mixing high and low

While the design might be quite important to Millennials, so is the price. Being more financially aware than previous generations, Millennials are looking to modify their budgets, and not overspend on the design of their homes. This is exactly where the mixture of low-end and high-end pieces comes in.

Instead of investing in every single aspect of their home, Millennials like to splurge on functional and durable pieces they deem most important, such as seating areas, and then combine them with more affordable options when it comes to accessories and decor. Another popular trend is buying simple and minimal furniture from lower-end retailers and then upgrading it with paint or new hardware, creating a more expensive look for less.

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Smarter homes

It’s no secret that Millennials value technology and staying connected, which is why they are often willing to pay more for the latest home technology innovations. This means that having a smart home is a top priority for Millennials, offering a new level of security, flexibility, and fluidity in their living spaces.

For example, rather than having bulky pin-code pads or clunky keys, Millennials would rather utilize their smartphones for everything from unlocking the doors and turning on the lights to controlling the temperature and managing alarm systems. Whether it’s thermostats, plugs, or indoor security cameras, wireless, app-controlled features are incredibly popular among the younger generations.

A focus on sustainability

Millennials also care deeply about the environment and preserving the planet, possibly more than any other generation. For this reason, they aim to live as sustainably as possible, whether by using eco-friendly materials, reducing energy consumption, or minimizing the waste they produce.

This lifestyle trend has translated into their living spaces as well, with Millennials preferring more sustainable homes over their traditional counterparts. From solar panels and energy-saving appliances to compost and recycling stations, including interior decor made from natural, reclaimed, and eco-friendly materials, any sustainable feature is bound to attract a conscious Millennial.

Evidently, Millennials have a more unique and distinct taste compared to any other generation, giving rise to interesting interior design styles gracing their beautiful homes. But ultimately, what’s most important for this generation is having the space and freedom for individuality, which can clearly be seen in the gorgeous design trends mentioned above.

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