4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop Printing Your Work

Technology has more advantages as compared to disadvantages. For example, you can read a document on your phone or computer without printing it. But, you can’t avoid printing other documents. For instance, if you are sending a title deed, you have to print the certificate and email it to the owner. Indeed, printing will never be eliminated.

Additionally, most schools require the students to print and file their assignments despite the availability of sending it via email. The truth is the lecturer can read and grade the assignment better while presented with a hardcopy rather than softcopy.

In this case, if you provide printing services, you need a print server. It is a device that controls and manages to print for all PC in the network.

Nonetheless, other than printing assignment, why else should you print your work?

Advantages of Printed Work

1. Secure delivery

When you send an email, you’ll know who sent it, and time they sent it. If the information is sensitive, it is essential to keep the identity hidden in case the wrong person intercepts the message. So, printing is ideally a good option. In fact, you can deliver the document anonymously or use HIPAA based services.

2. Reading information undistractedly

If you start reading a softcopy book on your phone, you will be tempted to scroll through other applications in your phone. Similarly, if you are at work and you are analyzing information, using printed work is more efficient as compared to reading from a computer.

3. Convenient and effective

If you’re presenting a project, you can use a laptop. But, if you want to involve everyone in your team, you must provide them with a printed document so that they follow through as you present the information.

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Also, you highlight the critical details of the paper and read anytime. So, if you’re preparing a project, to ensure you print the work. However, if you feel like it will waste your time, consider investing in a print server which you’ll use for over 20 years to control and manage to print.

Also, printed work is a form of backing up your data.

4. Branding advantage

Suppose you recently started your business and you have a website. Well, a website is a marketing strategy which you must create attractive content to attract traffic. However, before you get there, you need to print branding information to market your company.

Also, if you’re attending a trade show, you need to market your brand by giving brochures and flyers. In this case, you will require a print server to control printing. A print server accommodates software that you can use to direct the type of page you need. This includes the size of the brochure, color of printing, and several advertisements. Once you set out the rules, you don’t have to wait for the publication, but you’ll proceed to other duties.

Bottom Line

If you invest in an item and effectively exploit it, you increase the chances of ROI. Therefore, ensure you buy a quality printing server and software of the same to help you effectively earn your investment.

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