Ensure Your Protection With the Safest Motorcycle Helmets

The majority of serious motorcycle accidents involve a face impact. In other words, if you aren’t wearing a safe helmet, you could be seriously injured or worse in a crash. Ensuring your protection should be your top priority when choosing a helmet. The good news is that many of the best motorcycle helmets in terms of comfort and features are also the safest.

Are Full-Face Helmets the Safest Option?

As mentioned above, face impacts are common in accidents involving potentially dangerous speeds. So, a full-face helmet will usually be the safest option.

The defining features of full face helmets are that they have a fixed chin guard and a full visor that flips down. This means that they cover the entire head. Unlike modular helmets, full-face helmets’ chin guards can’t move and aren’t likely to break in an impact. So, getting a full-face helmet will normally keep you safer.

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Riding Long Distances

Another element in choosing a safe helmet is whether it is comfortable. This also affects whether it is a good choice for long-distance riding.

Finding the right fit for your helmet will ensure that it is securely on your head and more likely to stay there in a crash. Check the shape and circumference of your head before buying a helmet. This will help you to select the right one for your needs.

Taking on a long-distance ride can be a serious adventure. However, it will not be very fun if you have an uncomfortable or unsafe helmet. Some examples of great helmets include the Shoei X-Fourteen and the Arai Deviant-X. Check them out to see which one will fit your needs best.

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Understanding Safety Ratings

To find the safest possible helmet, it is a good idea to check the safety ratings. These are standards set by organizations including the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Economic Commission for Europe and the Snell Foundation.

The DOT ratings are relatively lax and should be considered the bare minimum for any safe helmet. In fact, helmets that have not received this rating are considered novelties.

The ECE has much stricter testing and is used as the standard in many European countries. It is not required in the U.S., but many manufacturers pursue it anyway.

Snell ratings are the most stringent. They are voluntary for helmets intended for road use (some racing leagues require Snell ratings). So, a helmet that could pass Snell’s test may not have the certification because the manufacturer didn’t submit it. If you find a Snell rated helmet, you can be confident that it will provide excellent protection on the road.

Order Your Helmet Today

The most important thing for ensuring your safety while riding a bike is wearing your helmet. It is better to have a DOT-rated helmet on your head than a Snell-rated helmet on the back of your bike. Beyond that, buy from reputable brands and find a helmet that fits comfortably. Finally, make sure to pair your helmet with high-quality motorcycle jackets and other protective gear. You’ll be glad you did if you get in a crash.

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