Buyers’ Guide To City And Comfort Bicycles

Have you been exercising regularly before the Covid-19 lockdown? If you have been and like the most of us who have been exercising regularly, we just couldn’t wait for the lockdown to be lifted. When we were told to stay home during the lockdown, we try to do indoor exercises but somehow to me, it is not the same as exercising outdoor.

What is so different with outdoor exercise compared to indoor exercise? People usually go for outdoor exercises early in the morning or in the evening. With outdoor exercises, we get to see the sun rises in the early morning or the sun sets in the evening. Most people prefer exercising in the early morning when the air is so much cooler and fresher. For those who are not able to make it in the morning, they will choose to exercise in the evening when the sun is not so hot.

For those of us who love doing exercise outdoor, we find exercising indoor boring especially when we have to face the four walls. We may have upbeat music to accompany our exercise but we don’t get to see people and nature around us. We don’t get to see children playing in the park or people greeting or chatting with one another. If we are taking our exercises seriously, then we should continue to exercise even if we have to do it indoor during this lockdown.

There are many types of outdoor exercise. Besides jogging or brisk walking, cycling is another common exercise which is suitable for all ages. People staying in the cities can cycle in one of the nearby parks or around their residential area. Cycling is a cheap form of exercise when you don’t have to pay for petrol or a monthly fee to use the gym. Maintenance cost of a bicycle is minimal. 

If you are thinking of getting a new bicycle to ride after this Covid-19 lockdown is lifted, I would like to share with you some buyers’ guide to city and comfort bicycles which you can use to cycle in the city parks or pavement. There are many types of city bikes and you the buyers’ guide will help you make the right choice.

  • First, you will have to decide which type of bicycle you want to invest in such as a road bike or a hybrid bike.
  • The amount that you want to spend on the bike of your choice. It is good to invest in one of the best lightweight bikes and you will have to be prepared to pay a better price for a lighter bike.
  • Before you decide on the bike, the best is to do some homework. Do some research work on the internet or check out your local bicycle shops.
  • What type of metal frame you are looking for in a bike? The common metal used for bicycle frames are aluminium, steel, titanium, and carbon fibre. Overall, aluminium frame bikes are much cheaper and light weight compared to other materials.
  • Choosing a bike to fit your size is important. Nowadays, you can get the bicycle shop to fit the bike to suit your size. Get advice from the bike expert, they will know how to make adjustment to the bike to make your ride comfortable and enjoyable.
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