Home Decor Trends: Small Changes for a Big Impact

From a fresh coat of paint to new furniture, deciding on a full makeover of your home can not only be an incredibly time-consuming endeavor, but also a particularly costly decision. Thankfully, you don’t have to go all out if you want to make your interior design feel new and exciting again, as even some smaller changes can make a big impact in your space. So, here are some of the best decor trends you can implement in your home for an updated and impactful appearance: 

Change up your hardware

Although it might not seem quite as noticeable at first, hardware has the power to completely transform the appearance of your furniture, especially if simpler and cleaner lines are dominating your home. For instance, wooden door knobs can add a more rustic and charming appeal, while metal furniture handles can make your drawers and cabinets look that much more sleek and elegant.

For that reason, it would be a wonderful idea to freshen up the look of your home with new hardware, whether you opt for simple brass doorknobs or luxurious crystal furniture handles. What’s more, new hardware is among the least expensive changes you could make for a big impact on your home decor.

Select interesting light fixtures

From smaller table lamps to larger overhead fixtures, changing out the lighting in your home can have a significant impact, not only when it comes to the design and style of your rooms, but also in terms of the overall lighting and atmosphere in your home. So, consider introducing some new light sources into your space.

Whether it’s a wicker chandelier, a sleek metal floor lamp in an empty corner, or even a new lamp shade design on your existing table lamps, there are plenty of options you could choose from. Just make sure that your new lighting fixtures suit the overall decor of your home, and the space will instantly get a fresher, more cohesive look.

Opt for new wall hangings

One of the easiest and least expensive changes you could make to your home decor is putting up new art pieces on your walls. Even something as simple as new wooden or metal frames in interesting colors can help to draw the eye to the most important areas of your home, and pull the entire space together. However, if you want your wall hangings to truly make an impact, it would be best to consider a custom piece like a canvas print with family name that will not only be an impactful accessory entirely unique to your home, but will also make for an incredibly warm and memorable personal piece of art.

Add texture with area rugs

A trick that is often used when designing luxurious interiors, area rugs are ideal accessories for sectioning off spaces and making for a more cohesive layout, as well as adding some necessary warmth, texture, and additional layers to any space. To that end, you might want to consider including area rugs in your living room, bedroom, or even hallway, in an effort to freshen up your interior design. If you already have rugs in your home, another good idea would be to try swapping them between rooms, as long as they match the existing decor, for a quick change that’s completely free of cost.

Choose new window treatments

While uncovered windows might add to the simplistic and modern design of a home, even the simplest window treatments can have a huge impact when it comes to changing the overall look of your space. For instance, curtain panels in a bright color or a bold print can instantly add a pop of color and some interest to any room.

If minimalism is your preferred style, even Roman shades in a neutral hue can help to balance out your space. On the other hand, classic wooden or louver shutters can be a wonderful touch to any rustic or nature-inspired decor. As long as you choose a window treatment that suits your style, as well as the overall design, your home will get an instant upgrade.

Incorporate some accessories

Even though they’re often overlooked, accessories are the ideal items for making the design feel cohesive and complete, while effortlessly introducing new layers and textures into your home. And a simple swap of your current accessories can make your space instantly feel new and fresh again.

To that end, incorporate decorative pillows and throw blankets, for a pop of color and an additional texture. Consider adding new materials in your space through glass or porcelain bowls and vases, or even rearrange your books in rainbow order. Even something as simple as fresh flowers on the tables can help to add a beautiful natural touch to any room.

Evidently, even the smallest of changes to your home decor can have a huge impact on the entire interior design; all you have to do is choose one of the incredible options mentioned above that suit your style the most.

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