How To Choose The Right Sofa Size For Your Living Room?

What is the next place, after your bed, where you get to relax and chill? If you’re lucky enough to have a massage leather recliner, I’m sure you’ll say there. It’s easy to understand why that would be a relaxing space in your home. If you don’t have a massage leather recliner, then it’s probably the sofa set in your living room that brings your family together and makes you comfortable. Now, the sofa you choose for your home needs to fit into the area you wish to place it. Since the sizes of rooms differ, the things you have in it will vary too.

Shopping for the ideal sofa is not just about the size of the room but also the quality and brands that you can choose from. Here, we’d give you a quick guide to know what type of sofa to choose from and then how to determine the size to buy.

Features to look for before buying a sofa

Below, we will elaborate on how you can determine the size of the couch but first, know the other essential features. These are equally important, and you need to consider them once you choose the apt size.

  1. Recliner: it is a comfortable sofa option that gives you the luxury of using this furnishing. A brand like Bradington Young serves you right and gives you some of the best recliner sofa options. They have an aesthetic appeal and let you relax at proper postures.
  2. Color: the color of leather furniture helps you quickly detect if it is real or not. Pure leather furniture has fewer colors options and usually shifts from brown shades to black ones. If you’re looking vibrant colors, you might try covers or check out elegant pieces in paler shades. When you have leather sofas on your mind, you might have a basic idea of the color you’re looking for already.
  3. Materials: some sofa sets comes with additional content to give it a certain look. For example, some include metal supports while some have wood. When selecting a brand, you must be specific of what additional material they use. It helps you determine the overall quality, and you know what to expect.
  4. Arm style: there are three styles of sofas, rolled arms, English arms, and track arms. These tend to change how the sofas look from each other and also give a different feel to the room.
  5. Power recliner: the new-age recliner sofa sets come with technology advancements. You can press buttons and watch your recliner move. It quickly helps you lay back or sit upright or choose your preferred angle.
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How to choose the perfect sofa size?

Apart from the aspects above, you need to consider the size and dimension of your sofa. Below, we will help you determine the size and the principal feature you need to check before your purchase.

Sofas make an impactful furnishing and become a part of our daily life, and we engage in so many interactions as we use it. But there’s nothing worse than liking a piece that won’t fit your living room.

Finding the right size might seem easy, but it is more than making sure that it just fits. There are tips to help you choose your next buy, so keep these in mind when checking online:

  1. Consider your space

Small sofas will need a small space while a large one will need a little more. The concept is simple, but you need to have your heart and mind into liking what you want. Moreover, there is no way you want to cramp up this space. Although some people do it, the act doesn’t make the room look any good. Trying to fit in large sofas in small rooms just because you have more people in the family isn’t a smart choice.

  1. Consider entire home furnishing

The large sofa you plan to might look out of place if you have a small table. Don’t group large and overstuffed couches with little chair either? You need to scale the sofa size with other things around the house.

This is easy if you can stick to spacing rules for furnishing your room and also include your sofa accordingly. For example, you must have an 18-inch gap between the couch and the coffee table. There must be around 4 to 10 ft of a difference between seating so that everyone in the room can talk to each other without yelling or feeling crowded.

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You must note that the television set must be 7 ft away from the sofa so that no one hurts their eye. If you have a big screen, the distance might have to be longer compared to standard size options.

  1. Take measurements beforehand

You must buy a tape to measure how long your sofa set can be. Take an expert’s help if you need to so that you’re entirely sure how the game will fit in. Knowing and clearing out this space will help you not buy an oversized product. Make sure you measure the width from the front door to be sure of the area you get here as well. Determine the hallways and stairwells if you have an apartment or condo.

  1. Style is secondary

Although you want your sofa to look like it has never before, you cannot sacrifice comfort. You can have a small space and settle with a couch instead of buying a big sofa set. A sofa adds warmth to your home and must not make your movements difficult. If you have kids and pets, you need to be more careful about their agility and keep comfort first for everyone.

Now you know that the first thing you have to consider when buying a sofa is the size. It is the same for any furniture you wish to purchase – that’s why measurement is compulsory. Most people plan their interior accordingly, so if you’re revamping the look of your home, you need lots to measure.

Every house must have the right amount of furniture it needs. It allows you to move around freely and also not find empty spaces that look blank. Consider these aspects, and you’re sure to pick great upholstery.

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