Style Tricks: 6 Simple Ways To Reinvent Your Apartment

Your place should be your safe haven from all the bad things that you endure outside it. There’s something truly magical about coming back after a long day at work, kicking your shoes off and curling up in your living room, drinking tea and enjoying some time alone. However, in order to make your apartment your perfect oasis, it’s essential to redecorate it so it will reflect your personality. So, if you’ve been meaning to add more spice to your living space, here are some simple, yet amazing ways that will help you reinvent your apartment.

Create an entry area

If your apartment is big enough, then creating an entry area can do a lot for space itself. First, it’s more comfortable to have an area where you could take your shoes off and hang your coat or a jacket, as that will surely help with preventing unnecessary clutter. Plus, creating a designated area such as this one can make your apartment look significantly bigger. You can fit a wall, and then add hooks to hang all your favourite jackets and coats, and adding a shoe rack will surely keep your footwear in check.

Add a pop of colour here and there 

Adding colourful accents can seriously transform your apartment, especially if you’re not willing or able to repaint the walls. You can refurbish your furniture and repaint it, however, keep in mind that such type of work requires a bit of effort and preparation. That way, you’ll get your old furniture that looks brand-new and fresh. Additionally, replacing curtains is another great way to add more colours to your surroundings. 

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Don’t forget the floors 

Floors are important, however, people often seem to neglect them when redecorating. And even though changing the whole flooring is often a difficult task, sometimes it is just easier to opt for different rugs and carpets, as that is an equally great idea. Feel free to browse Miss Amara online rugs collection, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours, patterns and textures. A well-chosen rug can do wonders for your space, so take your time to pick the one(s) that will genuinely compliment your home.

Also, be sure to declutter 

Maybe this piece of advice seems redundant, but in reality, decluttering is the best thing you can do for your personal space. Things tend to accumulate without us noticing, therefore, it’s important to declutter on a regular basis. For example, if your bookshelf is over stacked with books you’ve gotten over the years, then try to declutter the shelf, and keep the books you really love. You can gift the rest or donate it to your local library. Same goes for everything else you decide to get rid of during the decluttering sessions.

Add some interesting wall art 

Bare walls can have its charm, however, if you want to add more character to your apartment, then it’s highly suggested you add some wall-art. You can choose traditional paintings or framed posters, however, if you love arranging things together, you can also plan a unique gallery wall, just remember to keep an eye on proportions so it will look well-adjusted. Your walls can tell a story, and decorating the walls is a perfect opportunity to create your own narrative that will also reflect on the rest of your apartment.

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Plants matter as well

Some people are not plant people, and that is fine. If you’re one of them, nobody blames you, however, it’s important to remember that plants can breathe a whole new life into your space, as long as you take good care of them. If the idea makes you feel uneasy, then make sure to choose indoor plants that are low-maintenance and easy to care for. Usually, succulents are a great idea for the first-time plant-owners, so if you’ve been thinking about adding plants, then feel free to start with them.


Just like anyone else, you also deserve to live in a beautiful apartment, hence it’s essential to redecorate so it will mirror your preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and decor pieces, even if you dislike being judged by others. Remember that you decorate your apartment for your own enjoyment, so feel free to do anything that feels good to you. However, keep in mind that decluttering and reorganizing your belongings are also important, so don’t forget to skip those steps when reinventing your apartment. 

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