8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden

Anyone who’s ever done any level of gardening understands the tremendous work that goes into tending plants. This is especially true when it comes time to eventually harvest a vegetable garden. For many, a garden is a point of pride in their yard, and it should be. You’ve put a lot of effort into it. There’s no reason you shouldn’t want to show it off. The trouble comes when you want to make make it presentable to your friends. A patch of dirt that’s covered by some bushes and vines is only mildly impressive. However, you can spruce up your garden to make it look even more impressive as you show it off to those who come to visit.

Diversify your plants

You can help to add some pop of color to your garden by diversifying your plants. Plant flowers in the flower beds and create a perimeter around your garden to add bright pastel colors to your garden among the already lush green. This will beautifully frame your vegetables to highlight the contrasting shades of green. Additionally, various types of vegetables in rows in your garden. Each will provide a different hue that will create patterns. 

Go with perennial ground covers

You can cover the dirt in your garden by planting flowers that sprawl the length and width of your garden. Plants like Mother of Thyme, also known as Walk-on-Me Thyme, can be planted in the aisles of your garden without taking away too much from the vegetables. Specifically, Mother of Thyme requires very little water and grows thick enough that you can walk on it during your harvest without causing any damage to it. This is an excellent way to fill in the gaps between your rows with colorful natural “carpeting”. 

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Use planters

Planters are a great way to give your garden some extra layers. Whether you’re planting flowers or small vegetables in a barrel or long planters, you can create a two-level effect that gives your garden some extra depth. Peas, potatoes, salad greens, and peppers are just a few small plants that you can grow in raised garden beds. If you’re looking for something small to accentuate the outer area of your garden, use high tensile steel strapping to fasten small pots to latticework or a fence line that surrounds the area. 

Create a living space

If you enjoy spending time outside, you can enjoy your garden more than the time that you spend tending to it. Prior to planting, cut out a small area where you can lay some brick or pour concrete to place a table and chairs. Let the garden surround you as you build the perfect place to enjoy lunch on a warm summer day or enjoy a sunset with a book. 

Build a garden bar

If you’re one to have friends over in regularly during the day, create a simple space to entertain within your garden. Build a garden bar with small and simple pieces of furniture. There’s no need to install a full outdoor kitchen with a grill and functioning refrigerator. Instead, take a small cart or table that’s large enough to hold a pitcher and some glasses. This will be plenty of space for you to mix cocktails as you and your friends enjoy a small seating area amid the flowers.

Hang baskets

If you’d like to add a few flowers to your garden without taking it over the top, hang baskets with a few small flowers. Hanging flowers provide a splash of color without overwhelming the rest of what you have growing. If you’ve run out of space to plant more in your garden, you can even grow tomatoes in a basket above your garden floor.

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Add lighting

Transform your garden from a work area by day to a nighttime social hub with lighting. With everything from creating a distinct perimeter around the garden with lighting to illuminating walkways to highlighting your favorite areas, you can get lighting that shines bright enough to creates an inviting atmosphere for an evening of drinks. Don’t worry about hiring an electrician to run electrical lines or wiring from your house to the garden because solar lighting makes installation cheap and easy.

Install a pond or waterfall

You can create an ecosystem in your garden with the addition of a pond or waterfall. If you have a large space in your yard where you plant flowers and would like to add the potential of wildlife in the area, a water feature is an excellent choice. The sound of flowing water as the waterfall runs or even the circulation of a pond can be cathartic as you sit and enjoy the sounds of nature from the comfort of your own backyard in what has become your own meditation garden.

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