How to Give Your Home a New Lease of Life This Fall

Let’s swap the sun for snuggly Sundays. Iced tea pitchers for pumpkin spice lattes. Fire pits for the fireplace. 

It’s time for Fall. 

If you’re one of those people that loves the colder weather, there’s only a few more weeks to go. 

But before you create your list of ultimate Halloween films to get through, there is plenty to do to transform your summer sanctuary into a Fall family hub. 

Here’s how to give your home a new lease of life for the colder months:

New soft furnishings

The chilly weather always brings beautiful new home collections into the stores. Everything from plush velvet ottomans to fleecy blankets in burnt orange, deep reds, or royal blues are hitting the shelves right now, and it would be rude not to get involved. 

Fall is the perfect time to replace the cushion covers and spruce up the lounge or bedroom. Swap out the summer sheets for a warm and cozy duvet, and get ready for wasting away the weekends watching the rain. 

After all, if you’re going to be spending more time indoors, you should certainly be comfortable. 


While investing in new soft furnishings is harmless, trinkets are just there to collect dust. Instead of buying new décor, the internet is home to plenty of ideas for upcycling your homeware into what feels like a brand-new collection. 

A big spring (or summer) clean

If you’re spending more time in the house, you don’t want the clutter to make things feel small and stuffy. 

The end of summer is the perfect time for a big clean. Start with the kitchen and make your way around each room to recycle, donate, sell, or bin anything you no longer need. Then, use all the cleaning hacks you can think of to create a blank, hygienic and neat little canvas for your cozy Fall retreat. 

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Dark walls

Dark-colored walls are a popular interior trend that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. And while bright whites and creams keep the house feeling fresh in the warmer months, painting the lounge could be just what you need to feel ready for the second half of the year. 

Warmer scents

The smell of the house can totally change your mood. So, while the summer is filled with zesty lemon and fruity scents, the Fall calls for warmer, more festive smells. 

Head to your nearest high street with a clear nose and get sniffing your way to a new atmosphere. Candles are the perfect way to give the house a new lease of life on a budget. 

A wreath for the door

Curb appeal is something people take very seriously in the summer. With a newly painted door, colorful blooms, and beautiful planters on the front porch, coming home feels exciting, fresh, and friendly. 

But the same can be done as the seasons change. Create your own wreath for the door using autumnal leaves and foliage. Add a few ceramic pumpkins to the stairs, and you’re set for a few months before the Christmas decorations come out. 

Saying goodbye to the sunshine isn’t fun. But giving your home a new lease of life is a great way to get excited about the upcoming season. 

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