4 Great Ways to Reheat Your Pizza

Pizza is one of the greatest pleasures of this life, as far as food is concerned. She has been our friend and companion for a long time. It’s its flavor, its texture, its everything! Besides that it is an easy and fast food to get, that is why it makes our life easier, of course, nothing is good with excesses.

But what happens when the slices have already cold or you store them in the refrigerator to eat them later? They do not know the same anymore, right? Well, in this post you will find four ways to reheat those triangles of exquisite flavor.

Pizza has been around for a long time. It is considered that it was in the XVII century when this delicious gift of the Italians emerged. Its origin is given specifically in Naples, and it was not until 1889 that the ingredient that makes it so special was added: cheese.

Now, the problem is the overheating of the slices that are left over. Those that you save to eat the next day and that lose their delicious consistency and texture. It usually happens, in fact almost always, that, when reheating the slices of pizza, they harden or they do not remain as one wishes and that saddens us.

Here are a few great ways to reheat your pizza:

Method#1- Microwave

The microwave is the most used to heat the food, but this makes our pizza come out hard, and it cools quickly.

This happens when the power is at maximum and we try to heat the slices in some 30 seconds. In fact, the taste may be a little good but the texture no longer.

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What you have to do is lower the power of the oven to 50% and give it a time of 1 minute so that it has slow and concise heating. It is also good if you put a glass with a little water so that the pizza does not lose moisture and you have the feeling of a freshly baked slice.

Method#2- Oven

The oven is preheated to 180 degrees Celsius and after a few minutes, the slices are introduced, leaving them for 5 minutes in the oven.

It may seem more annoying to do this but the result will be crispy slices that will leave you with the feeling of trying a fresh pizza. Yes, try not to be wrong because if you miss your time you can throw everything to waste so must try Forno Venetzia oven for reheating pizza.

Method#3- Grill

The truth is that you do not always have a grill available, and when you have it, it’s a bit of a pain to have to light the coal and all that stuff that will leave you smelling of smoke.

However, this method is one of the most recommended, since the results are delicious.

The goal is to put the slices on the grill until the cheese bubbles. Remove it and enjoy!

Method#4- Skillet

Honestly, this way of reheating your pizza will be very fast, maybe not as comfortable as in the case of the microwave, but with a very satisfactory result.

First, you have to put the pan on the stove to warm up a little, a minute will suffice. After this, place the slice inside and place a lid, this is very important since the heat will stay inside, and will heat the surface of the pizza. Only cook for 6 to 8 minutes, so that the cheese is bubbly. If you do not have a lid, you can use aluminum foil to make the cover.

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