Which is Which: a DIY Wedding Event or an Organized One

Planning a wedding soon? Then here is a question which you and all brides-to-be must answer: Should I have a DIY wedding or an organized one? As you expect, this question has no easy answer.

After all, each wedding has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. Don’t worry guys, you’ll still be able to check out the Krakow bars on your stag do no matter whether you choose a DIY or an organized wedding. It’s all about choosing what works for you. How then do you know which one suits you? You find out as much as you can about both. Then, you decide on a suitable one.

For this reason, let us look at both.




Why stress yourself planning and worrying when you can pay someone else to do it for you? Remember, planners have organized more weddings than you have, so they handle stress better.

2.Insider Knowledge

You may not know the best banquet hall, photographer, gown maker, and caterer in town. But an experienced planner does, meaning you get the best vendors for your ceremony.


Having insider knowledge comes with another benefit – discounts. As planners have worked with a vendor before, they easily negotiate discounts on your behalf, cutting your wedding costs.


When planning a wedding, problems are bound to crop up. But experienced planners have dealt with and solved every problem imaginable.



Despite their benefits, wedding planners are still an added expense. Also, the more experienced they are, the more they charge. So, when hiring the best of them, expect to pay even more.

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Granted, you play a supervisory role after hiring a wedding planner. But truth be told, they still make most of the major decisions.


Seeing that a planner decides on the finer details of your wedding, it may fall short of your original vision, leaving you disappointed.

4.Prone to Conflict

Sometimes, your way of doing things differs from that of your planner. Or worse, your personalities may clash. And if one or neither of you back down a conflict results.




If you are particular about details, then you will love a DIY wedding. It lets you control each aspect of your ceremony, down to the last detail.


More people get to participate in the wedding plans. You, your family, your friends, and even your in-laws can all chip in to ensure the ceremony is a success.


How much you spend is up to you. Want to craft your own decorations instead of buying fancy ones? Or, do you want to forgo the fancy venue, cake, or dress for a simpler one? Go ahead.


Nothing stops you from having a minimalist, colorful, carnival or a superhero theme for your wedding. It can be as personal as you want it.



Articles and images on the web make a DIY wedding look easy. But matching your wedding to that fancy image is harder than it looks, especially for first-timers.


From having the cake made, planning the decorations to finding a venue, every aspect of a wedding takes time. Even with the help of family and friends, you’ll be running around all day trying to get things done.

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As you struggle to get everything in order, stress builds up. And the closer you are to the wedding date, the more stressed you’ll be and more so if you’re falling behind schedule.

4.Easier to Mess Up

Even with the best of intentions, you can still mess up. Crafting a perfect wedding takes more than time and effort. It also requires experience, which you lack.

Before choosing an organizer or a DIY wedding, assess your own abilities and experience. Can you overcome the stresses and difficulties of planning a wedding? If you can, then by all means, handle your wedding preparations. But if you cannot, leave them to a wedding planner.

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