Types of Wild Symbols in Slots and Their Functions

Slots used to be simple games to play and understand and this was mostly because early games were restricted by the technology that was available at the time. The very first slot machines were handmade and had 3 reels and 1 row. These were lever-activated and with a setup like that, simplicity was always going to be the key to their success – read Daisy Slots reviews.

Slot Symbols

It was not only the structure of these slot games that were easy to understand, but the limited numbers of symbols on the reels also helped keep these games simple. Early slot symbols were dominated by playing card faces and lucky charms. Fruits appeared on the scene after they replaced standard slot symbols during gambling bans when slots disguised themselves as vending machines. Fruit symbol popularity meant that they became part of slots once gambling bans had ended.

The next big changes in slot symbols came about when technology had advanced enough to allow slot players to spin the reels in a video gaming format, courtesy of modified television screens. This innovation began in the 70s and 80s and reached another level when slot games appeared online in the mid-1990s. Once the digital revolution had got into full swing, this new technology allowed slot developers to be far more creative with slot symbols. Fruit symbols and playing card faces were not confined to history though, instead, they were joined by more active slot symbols that served more than one function.

Wild Symbols

Wilds in slots have become the norm in today’s slot gaming world. However, they no longer only serve to mimic other symbols, instead, they now have multi-functionality that can help players immensely in their quest for those elusive big winning spins.

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Wild symbols still serve their original purpose which is to mimic other symbols and fill in missing links that can produce winning lines, but they are now so much more as well.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds are becoming increasingly popular in slot games, and they are not only employed in bonuses, but they are sometimes part of a special feature in a base game as well. The general rule is that Sticky Wilds remain in situ where they land, and this can be for an entire bonus round. Slots like The Hand of Midas employ the Sticky Wild mechanism, and here multipliers are added after each Wild lands because each Sticky Wild can be a single, double, or triple Wild symbol.

Other games such as Wild West Gold employ these Sticky Wilds with multipliers attached, and the earlier these sticky symbols land the better. Positioning is everything, if the slot is a typical 5×3 reel format game, then having Wilds land nearest to the first reel on the left, helps to create the biggest winning combinations.

Other Types of Wild Symbols

Expanding Wilds are also a welcome sight to punters because these expand and turn entire reels wild. Positioning is everything here too and the number of Expanding Wilds is hugely important as well.

Roaming Wilds can be seen in action in games like King Kong Cash and The Invisible Man. These Wilds roam on the reels either for an entire bonus round or until they fall off the reels. All Wilds add excitement and depth to slot games and are welcomed by punters, no matter what form they take. 

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