Curing Horrible Hangovers: An Over EZ Review

There are few days worse than the dreaded “hangover day.” While an entire Sunday laying in bed watching Netflix and ordering delivery should be pretty nice, it’s impossible to enjoy when you’re battling a splitting headache and stomach-churning nausea. For those, like me, who suffer from painful (or sometimes) debilitating hangovers, drinking with friends can be something that’s dreaded much more than enjoyed.

However, some of my best times with my friends are those that we spend at concerts, sporting events or our favorite breweries throwing back a few (and sometimes a few more) beers. I’ve realized those memorable days are ones I don’t want to give up, but I also don’t want to sacrifice other days in bed feeling absolutely miserable. So I set out to find a true hangover cure — one that’s not just another home remedy like activated charcoal, green tea or a hearty soup. I’ve tried those, and they definitely don’t help.

I found one option on the web that came with pretty incredible claims. The website said things like, “Over 750,000 hangovers prevented since 2018,” and “Go to work refreshed.” They sounded like pretty tall orders, but if you’ve suffered a practical hangover coma like me, you’re willing to try anything at all. The product is called OverEZ an all-natural hangover pill and I placed the smallest order of just four servings in case it was another flop.

What Is Over EZ?

One of the reasons I chose Over EZ instead of the many other “hangover cure” products online is because it sounded a bit different. It isn’t just an Alka-Seltzer-like tablet you pop into a glass of water and chug the next morning. You actually take Over EZ the night you plan on drinking before you consume your first alcoholic beverage.

Over EZ includes a long list of natural ingredients sourced from Brazil, like the amino acid L-cysteine, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B complex and more. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other natural ingredients work in a three-part process to eliminate toxins, protect the liver and help your body recover the nutrients lost while drinking. Over EZ is entirely safe to consume, without any chemicals or artificial ingredients, so I felt like giving it a try was a no-brainer.

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How It Worked for Me

I’m going to assume that individual results will vary with this hangover cure, but I think it’s helpful for my fellow sufferers to know how I fared after several hours watching live music and drinking plenty of craft beers with my friends.

I took the OverEZ supplement pill before going to the concert and filled my stomach with a cheeseburger and french fries to soak up as much alcohol as possible. I drank several craft beers, danced and felt a significant buzz before catching an Uber home to eat some leftovers and crash.

The next morning, I was fearful, as I always am after a big night with friends. I was afraid I’d open my eyes and have to close them immediately, because the room was too bright for my splitting headache. However, when I opened my eyes, I didn’t feel anything at all. No headache, no nausea and maybe just a touch of fatigue, because I went to sleep later than I normally would.

Fortunately, I dozed off for an hour or two more and woke up again. Nothing. No headache, no nausea, no fatigue. In fact, I felt a bit energized and drastically more mental clarity than I ever feel with a hangover. Not only did I feel like a normal person, but I was able to get out of bed and run the errands I had already assumed I’d have to push to another day.

Whether it was solely the OverEZ tablet, or the combination of OverEZ and greasy food, I may never know. Although, I do know one thing — I’ll be ordering the pack of 36 next time.

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