5 Tips to Dress Like a Ballerina Daily

A ballerina is the very essence of skill, art, and beauty. This lovely dance was formulated as a dance in the 1500s. It began in Italy but soon spread to every corner of the globe. There has never been anything to reach this standard.

Even today children dream of being a ballerina. From a very young age, we allow them to train in the hopes that a spark for the love of the art.

Ballet and fashion

The world of fashion has long looked to the dance studio to find great looking for clothes that are stylish and practical. This year, ballet-influenced clothes are trending. For those who want to stay trendy let us give you some tips that come straight from real ballerinas.


The number one item that dancers of all genres use is the leotard. A leotard is a tight-fitting garment that is worn like a bathing suit. The leotard is worn with tights during class. Leotards and tights are made of made stretchy material that allows the instructors to see the way the muscles are responding to steps and jumps. They are comfortable and are often worn under other clothes when dancers are out and about.

Try pulling a pleated skirt over the leotard and tights for a sexy ballerina look. The leotard can have long sleeves but every sleeve length is available. If you want to add more drama, go with a backless leotard that is held up with a choker style closure.


Ballerina dancers wear the traditional ballet slipper. This is a soft slipper that has ribbons that are laced up the lower leg and tied. When the dancer advances, they will wear on Pointe shoes. These slippers are designed to allow a dancer to dance on her toes, which ballet is famous for. The traditional slipper looks good with any ballerina-inspired outfit. If you want to take advantage of the look, you can buy these slippers and other dance gear at Just For Kix online. Be sure to check out their clearance section for items to enhance your ballet clothes.

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Tulles and tutus

The tutu always comes to mind when we think of ballet. These soft and sweet little skirts are often seen on our little girls, just for the cute look. But there is much more to tulle than a toddler dress. Wear a full skirt made of tulle for any dinner party or evening date. The fluffy skirt looks great with a wraparound top, a halter, or a soft leotard with an illusion of a sweetheart top. The ballet slipper will work, but for an understated chic look, wear heels.


A ballerina cannot take the time to change clothes during routines. When she begins her routine, she is not warmed up. It takes a little while to move around, stretching the muscles, and get the blood pumping. As that happens she needs to have fewer clothes.

The solution to this dilemma is to layer her clothes so they come off in the order she needs. A ballerina will put on a leotard. She will put on tights or leg warmers over the leotard. She will wear a tee over the leotard and over the tee, she will wear a warmup jacket or bulky sweater. This is the perfect arrangement for her to go from cold, to comfortable, to warm.

Unmentionables & other info

It is not something usually addressed outside of the dressing room, but if you are going to wear ballerina outfits in your day to day life, you need to know what ballerinas wear under their costumes.

The costumes are so tight and sheer enough that traditional underwear simply will not do. The ladies we spoke to said they wear nude (or flesh-tone) and seamless thongs.

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If you want to look like a ballerina, you must have your hair in a bun. Ballerinas wear a slicked-back bun for all performances. Loose hair will not do for the stage.


A ballerina uses her natural beauty. She avoids makeup due to the amount of effort she must put into a performance. Running makeup is not a good look for anyone.

Watch the other trendy people in your social circles and borrow their ideas. Do not be afraid to strike out on your own. Ballerinas create fashion, so use your creativity to find your place.

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