Top DIY Tools That Everyone Needs


If you’re looking to you switch up a few things in your home, or something has broken and needs fixing ASAP, it’s handy to have a bunch of tools that can help you to get the job done.

Here is a list of the top DIY tools that everybody needs to have in their homes.

1. Soldering Iron and Tip Tinner

If you’re doing some serious DIY, you’re going to need a soldering iron. This is a tool that is used to melt two pieces of metal together. Of course, if you’re using a soldering iron, be cautious. The tool can reach extremely high temperatures and may pose a safety concern if used incorrectly. Make sure to always wear goggles and personal protective wear when using a soldering iron.

To keep your soldering tip clean, a tip tinner is a helpful tool to keep in your home. If your soldering iron cannot be re-tinned by sponges or pads, knowing how to use tip tinner is a helpful and effective way to clean the iron.

2. Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers come in handy for a number of home DIY tasks. Whether you’re placing down some new floor boards, or putting up a large mirror, you’re going to need a screwdriver. There are several options, some of which are more appropriate for heavy-duty projects and others that are used for smaller and more accurate jobs.

3. Hammer

Hammers are required for the majority of DIY tasks you can do in your home. Keeping a claw hammer tool to hand at all times will ensure you don’t experience any delays in your projects. They can be used to hammer screws into panels or walls, to reshape things, or to break materials up.

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4. Handsaw

Handsaws are great to cut and reshape things. They are commonly used to shave down doors or to cut wooden panels for floor boards.

5. Tape Measure

Tape measures are a small and handy tool to keep in your toolbox for when you need specific measurements. Get yourself a tape measure that has a hook at the end of it. This will keep it in place when you are measuring longer distances and you don’t have extra hands to help out.

6. Pliers

Pliers are used to keep things in place whilst you’re working on something. If you’re bending a piece of metal or rewiring an electrical circuit, pliers will be necessary. There is a variety of different types of pliers, each with specific uses, so be sure to know which ones you’re likely to need in the future.

7. Tool Box

It’s a good idea to invest in a large, sturdy tool box. Not only will this keep your tools all in one place, but it will protect them from damage or rusting.

Once you’ve got these essentials tools in your home, you’re good to go with your home DIY projects.

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