7 Simple Ways to Design a Biophilic Home

An average modern human spends around 90% of their life indoors—that’s not how evolution intended us to live. While it’s very hard to find time to escape into nature, especially with our office jobs and apartment living, you can still welcome nature to your life using Biophilic interior design. Like its name suggests (Biophilia – the love of nature) this design style focuses on creating calming environments that connect people with nature while simultaneously boosting health, productivity and wellbeing. So if you want to get closer to Mother Earth, here’s how to welcome this trend into your home. 

Air it out

Fresh air and sounds of nature are a great way to refresh your home and keep your mind focused. Opening your windows and airing out your space will improve your immune system (very important right now) and boost your mood. Make sure to keep your curtains open and let the air inside without obstructions.

Use natural materials

If you’re willing to go further with Biophilia, you can introduce as many natural materials as possible into your home. Materials like bamboo, cork, sustainable timber, rattan and stone can all fit perfectly in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, you name it. You can also hire consultants for natural interiors who will help you create a biophilic space that’s beautiful, comfortable, relaxing and sustainable. Being green will automatically make you feel better about your existence and reduce your negative impact on the environment. 

Use colors found in nature

Nature does not lack in color and each season brings different shades and themes that can fill your home with beauty. Plus, every color affects your mood differently. For instance, green has focus benefits, blue is relaxing while yellow is invigorating. And don’t think natural colors are all boring and neutral. You can easily introduce colors like bold yellow, bright oranges and soft blues into your space and still feel like you’re showered with relaxation and wellbeing. If you want something less permanent than painting your walls yellow, you can always opt for wallpaper or wall murals so you can switch things up easily.

Welcome greenery

What do you think about waking up next to a gorgeous palm tree? Well, you don’t have to be on a tropical vacation to have that every morning. If you welcome greenery into your space, you will not only reap various aesthetic benefits but also enjoy fresher and cleaner air and receive various mood-boosting benefits. Plus, as stated above, green is one of the colors that improve focus and motivation, so you can expect to achieve excellent work results from your home office filled with plants. 

Incorporate nature sounds

One of the most relaxing sounds in the world is the sound of water, so if you have space on your property, make sure to install a water feature. The relaxing murmur of water will help you achieve deep relaxation, transport you to your “happy place” and restore your mind and body to its top state. A small pond in your backyard will offer you much more benefits than you can imagine and even provide a home to various friendly critters, amphibians and insects. If that’s still too big of a project for you, you can always get a small indoor fountain to fill your home with soothing sounds of water. 

Add a piece of nature-inspired art

If you want to show off your love of nature even more, you can always dedicate one wall in your home to it and display all sorts of framed wildflowers, forest imagery, rising sun photos and animal prints. You can even grab a camera, spend some time in nature and capture the photos for your gallery wall yourself. 

Maximize natural light

Since the sunshine vitamin is crucial to calcium, blood pressure and muscle recovery regulation, make sure to get plenty of it by exposing your body to sunlight. It’s very easy to fill your home with natural light: open curtains and blinds, remove big objects away from windows and install mirrors to spread the sunlight all over your home. The benefits of natural light are plenty and every space just looks better when showered with the sun. 

Wrapping Up

Biophilia is one of the latest interior design trends, but it’s here to stay, especially now that nature is suffering so greatly due to pollution. Introducing nature to your home will not only improve your health and wellbeing but also feed your love and respect towards it and turn you into a better ally in this fight for Mother Earth’s survival. 

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