The Best Nature Documentaries You Can Watch

Staying inside doesn’t allow us to venture out into the open as often as we’d like, but with the aid of available streaming services, the wonder of wildlife is found at the touch of a button. Reviews Bird has more information about streaming services. Nature documentaries help us experience the full majesty of the outdoors and appreciate the diversity of oceans, forests, deserts, and mountains that reach far beyond their educational purpose. Some of the best exponents of the genre come from the BBC natural history unit, cranking out award-winning nature documentaries since 1957. Filmmakers in the industry over the years, are using media to raise public awareness about the effects of global warming, especially the role played by humans concerning climate change, rising sea levels, coral bleaching, and melting polar ice-caps, which all addressed in nature documentaries we love to watch.

We all love to look into the private lives of big and small creatures. We are captivated by elephants mourning for their ancestors, proud lionesses cuddling their cubs, amazing mating habits of fish, particularly in breathtaking settings around the world. Live streaming has created a major platform that enables us to watch whatever we want with a few clicks of a button. This refers to the content being delivered in real-time over the internet. This requires a form of source media, a video camera, an audio interface, and screen capture software, an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher, and a network to deliver and distribute the contents.

This is a huge advantage over traditional transmit that requires an arrangement for a slot in the existing TV schedule. One major drawback of live streaming is the shortage of production values that include; inability to edit, bad picture quality, and fewer screen graphics. Many businesses worldwide are also adapting to the new technology and are using online apps to connect with their customers more easily. The national parks: America’s best idea (2009) march of the penguins 2005), the last lions 2011, the cove (2009), wild china (2008), wild pacific (2009), frozen planet (2011), the blue planet (2001) and blue planet ii (2018) are among the many nature documentaries one can stream live either through Amazon, amazon prime, Netflix, HBO, HBO Go, Disney +, and Hulu.

In today’s era, streaming TV shows and movies online provide viewers with the flexibility to consume content whenever they need/want, unlike traditional TV, where one does not hold the power to choose between what you want as the feeds are directly powered through satellites and cables. Streaming allows viewers to watch content from any device available to them. That is from a cell phone, laptops, TV, and even tablets. Streaming depends on how fast the internet connectivity is and what the operators are offering, while broadcast TV depends upon the feeds provided through satellite. Advertisements drive traditional TV while streaming services can monetize their content using different subscription models, video advertising, and pay-per-view.

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