Things Your Movers Will Not Take

Moving is a hectic chore. The last thing you need on the day of your move is to start arguing with the movers. There are certain things that your movers will refuse to take. 

Researching the moving company beforehand is advisable. Ensure that you know what your movers won’t take with them. You can then find a way to move those items yourself or give them away altogether. 

All moving companies move standard household items. These include items like clothing, home furniture, electronics, as well as appliances. Less common items that movers will move are hot tubs, motorcycles, and pool tables.

But there are items that your movers will downright refuse to take. Before listing those out, let’s first understand a few rules. 

The items that movers refuse to take are either prohibited or banned for transportation under local and national laws. These laws aim to prevent incidents like explosions, chemical spills, and spreading of pests. Also, movers often refuse to transport items that cannot be replaced, irreplaceable items, or extremely valuable items.

Therefore, before you hire any moving company, learn their list of prohibited items that they won’t move. 

Once those items are sorted out during packing, you store them away at a storage unit. You can come back later to pick them up. 

If you are in Shreveport, Louisiana, you can search for storage units Shreveport, and stash away your belongings. 

Let’s now take a look at some of these items that movers usually won’t move. 


Some movers don’t mind moving plants when helping within the state moves. But for interstate relocations, movers may downright refuse to plants. 

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The movers refuse to carry plants because they may contain pests or insects festering on the vegetations or soil. These pests may contaminate the van or the items present in it.

Another reason is that certain states prohibit allowing plants that may cause damage to the native crops or plantations. Not only should you study the movers’ policies on plants but also the rules and regulations of the destination state you are moving to. 

Hazardous Items 

Movers will not carry anything that is considered hazardous. Paints, paint thinners, acid-based batteries, certain cleaning products, varnish, charcoal, propane, or any other item that volatile. 

It may come as a surprise that even nail polishes and nail polish removers may fall into this category. For obvious reasons, weapons, bullets, and explosives of any kind are also on the “Do not move” list. Consider consulting your moving company if you aren’t sure about transporting some of the items on the list above. 

Cleaning Supplies

You won’t be allowed to pack cleaning supplies and haul them into the truck. Aside from the fact that some of these products contain flammable materials, moving companies worry about these items leaking and causing damage to other belongings.

Taking cleaning products with you may be helpful since you’ll need them to clean your new home. So, as an alternative, you can give them away to your family or friends and purchase new ones when you move.


When moving, it is essential to pack food items that go bad fast. Besides rotting and producing nauseating odors, food also attracts pests that can damage furniture, bedding, and clothes.

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Canned goods are fine. Leave behind your jars and containers of cooking oil, jam, and pasta. If you have perishable items, give them away to the neighbors, food bank, or consume before your moving day.


It might come as a surprise to you, but movers don’t accept pets onboard. It might sound unfortunate, but you shouldn’t leave your chatty canary or cuddly cat next to the refrigerator. Plus, they wouldn’t be comfortable in the hot and stuffy insides of a truck on the move. 

Families with pets instead take their pets along with them in the car. If you have to make a stop, look for pet-friendly hotels along the way. 

However, that said, there are certain movers that offer the facility to move pets. If it’s really important to you to move your pets along with the other items, research and find a company that caters to pet moving. 

Whatever the case, maybe it’s always good to research this beforehand so you won’t be having any issues later on. 


Would you like one more reason to celebrate your departure? Well, you’ve got one now! Your movers probably won’t be moving liquor. So, why not throw a party and drink up. 

You can transport alcohol, at least into some states, but only for personal consumption. Here, you have to research because liquor laws vary by state. In addition, alcohol is flammable. Your movers may sue for damages if you pack it in without telling them. 

Moving trucks aren’t suited for transporting alcohol anyway. Most moving trucks have no climate control. The extreme temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight can damage the expensive wine and alcohol. 

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In the case you’re a wine connoisseur and have a valuable wine collection, contact expert wine moving companies. 

Barbecue Supplies 

Your movers can transport certain grills or smokers, but the barbecuing supplies are a no-go. For example, you cannot take lighter fluid or charcoal because they’re extremely flammable. If you own a gas grill, you will have to empty the propane tanks first.

You should let your grill or smoker cool overnight so it is cooler to the touch when the movers have to haul it into the truck. That doesn’t just mean the handles. The entire grill needs to be cool. 

Clean the grill or smoker and let it sit for a few days before the move. Cleaning the grill before loading it on the truck will prevent it from getting dirty. You don’t want soot all over your stuff.

Final Words!

These were just some of the items that your movers usually won’t transport. It’s best to either dispose of these items before you relocate or think of another way to transport them. But whatever you want to do, we suggest you sort it out before your moving day, so you won’t have any issues. 

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