3 Tips For Easy but Stunning DIY Birthday Decoration

Setting the Stage
Unless you’re throwing some weird “interpretive” birthday where there’s no cake, no presents, and everybody plays some crazy game of pretend like something out of a junior college theater class, you’re going to want to decorate. How you decorate will “set the stage” for the festive atmosphere of the party overall. Zero decoration will prompt little to no festivity.

Now granted, that’s not to say that people can’t be festive in a blank room; some people have a MacGuyver aspect to their personality, and could be entertained endlessly with two paperclips and a rubber band. The rest of us need a little, shall we say, “stimulation”.

There are lots of ways to go about décor, a great idea is matching everything, or at least contrasting colors in a deliberately complementary way. For example, a good point of reference would be a flower bouquet to help you find the right flower colors for associated décor. Start thinking that way, we’ll cover a few tips for best results here.

1. Match Decor to Venue; Indoor, Outdoor, Rented, or “Home”

If you’re at a pizza place in a back room, the décor might be something that’s not necessarily unique, or breaking new ground, but does communicate festivity. Colored streamers, a banner with the name of the birthday guest, confetti; you get the idea. If you’re on a beach, you’ll want to account for wind and sand, meaning canvas for the ground and a portable shelter.

If you’ve rented a space outside a traditional venue but inside a building, you want to be careful not to damage the premises. If you’re throwing the party at home, as a surprise party or something, the sky is the limit, get creative; just remember whatever you put up you’ll have to take down. Match outdoor décor to the outdoors, and indoor décor to the indoors.

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2. Theme Decor Around Birthday Guest Preferences

If you’re a mom throwing a birthday party for a twelve-year-old that loves frogs, then hang little rubber frogs all over the place, get a frog-themed cake, and a frog-themed tablecloth. If they like Star Wars, the same applies; but for accouterments from a galaxy far, far away. Your little princess loves animated things or the pop star du jour.

For adults, the same thing applies, but you can have a little more fun and get a little “racy” even, if that suits the situation. Whatever you decorate with should be something the birthday guest would like.

3. Balloons – Did You Really Forget Balloons?

This is a cheap no-brainer: just go down to the dollar store and buy a bunch of balloons. In fact, for some birthday celebrations, this is the only décor. You get a hundred balloons and a helium tank, inflate them on-site and surprise the socks off somebody. Or, you just grab some helium wrapped in brightly-colored mylar and drive the bunch home. Whatever works.

A Birthday Party That Hits on All Cylinders

Balloons, décor in agreement with the birthday guest, and décor that is complementary to the venue represent three prime considerations for any birthday party’s décor. If you’re savvy in applying these suggestions, you’ll be able to communicate a festive atmosphere successfully without having to break your budget.

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