The Ultimate Post-Holiday Wellness Guide

It’s December, which means the holiday season is already in full swing. For millions of people, this also means they’ll be indulging in lots of eggnog, sweets, comfort food, and naps for the time being. While that all might sound like a welcome way to end 2020, few people look forward to dealing with post-holiday malaise. Indeed, getting back into shape after a few weeks of indulgence over the holidays can take months. To that end, today we aim to help health-conscious people develop a strategy for making healthy choices in January of 2021 and beyond. Consider this your ultimate post-holiday wellness guide: 

Schedule a Doctor’s Visit

It’s never a bad time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. However, if you’re considering some key lifestyle changes, then it makes all the sense in the world to speak with your doctor about them. Checking in with your doctor after the holidays can help you prioritize new fitness goals. Plus, doctors can identify certain health conditions and offer treatment options to help boost your well-being. For example, doctors may recommend that individuals suffering from bunion pain visit an organization like Northwest Surgery Center for additional care and treatment. 

Start Small

Setting long-term goals and resolutions can be a great motivational tool. On the other hand, some people get discouraged if they feel they’ll be unable to attain the goals they initially set for themselves. As such, it’s typically a smart play to start off small. Focus on just getting to the gym on a regular basis or cooking several more healthy meals per week. Remember, incremental progress is the key to long-term success. 

Partner Up

Odds are you won’t be the only person looking to bolster their wellness routine following an indulgent holiday season. So reach out to friends and family members who may want to diet/exercise with you. By teaming up with a fitness partner, you can help keep each other focused and motivated. Consider signing up for a yoga class or dietary course together. A little encouragement from a friend can make a huge difference when you feel run down or discouraged. 

Address Mental Health

Some people associate the holiday season with depression and anxiety. While many do experience these feelings in December, mental health issues can occur at any time. Don’t overlook your mental and emotional well-being. Speak with others in your social circle and don’t be afraid to voice concerns or frustrations. Finally, if need be, contact a mental health professional for further assistance. Doing so can be a great step toward protecting your overall health and happiness.  

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