How to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

There was a time when the concept of a smart home felt like it was just the stuff of dreams. Even in the last couple of decades, it still felt that it wouldn’t be viable to replace various gadgets and devices in your home to smart versions.

However, as the technology behind smart equipment has become less expensive and more widely available, turning your home into a smart one is not only possible but worth the effort.

How or where, though, do you start? In the following post we want to offer you some tips on the kinds of devices you should be investing in if you are looking to make the leap towards a smarter home.

Smart Locks

You must start with the intelligent safety feature that is Smart lock. You can install it in the front/main door for added security. Smart lock is usually touchpad enabled and completely keyless. This lock allows you to lock and unlock your door from your phone— excellent feature if you often misplace the keys. You also have the options to create different passcodes for different people who may need to access your home. It’s not sure how these would affect home insurance – it’s best to check the website of your provider for more details before installing.

LED Light Bulbs

Lighting is the most important and most used features in any home. By swapping existing light bulbs with LED light bulbs is a very simple and easy step that will save money on your electricity bills up to 50%. Shifting to LED light bulbs is a simple but very efficient technique to make your home smarter. Of course, you also have options to control the lighting using your iPhone, without touching the switches, isn’t it smart?

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Smart Thermostats

One of the goals that many homeowners have, and you are probably no different when it comes to converting their home into a smart home is to make it more energy efficient. One device that can be installed to help make this possible in a very direct way is a smart thermostat. These ingenious devices monitor your household’s usage of its central heating.

They use this information to change the temperature settings according to when you use your heating most, turning it down when you generally use it less. As they have an internet connection and can sync to your mobile phone or tablet, you can have full control over your central heating even when you are not home.

So, if you want to heat your home on a cold winter’s day, so it’s nice and warm for your arrival, you can.

Smart Doorbells

If you’ve ever felt annoyed that you need to turn the TV off or stop what you are doing to answer the door to a cold caller, we feel your pain. Nowadays, though, you don’t have to, thanks to smart doorbells. These are, by far, one of the least expensive and most comfortable to use smart devices and are incredibly useful.

As well as functioning as a doorbell, depending on the model you get, they also can monitor with a camera which is at your door. Many models even allow you to have a two-way conversation with the individual at the door.

Not only will this save you a lot of wasted time, but also functions effectively as a form of security, allowing you to keep an eye on any suspicious behavior that might be occurring on your property.

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Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are not exactly a new thing, but if you are still pushing around your manual hoover and are looking to save some time, you need to switch to one. Hoovering is one of those tasks that is essential if you want to keep the floors in your home clean, and with a robot vacuum, you could save a lot of time and effort.

With the addition of the smart devices mentioned above to your home, you need to have suitable protection in place for when they fail or break down. Having comprehensive home insurance of your house and belongings is a great form of protection for the devices and tech in your property. If you live in Ireland then you can find the best home insurance online from site. Another great benefit of AA insurance is the fact that it covers you for personal belongings, such as other smart devices and mobile tech used on the outside too.

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