Stitched Mouth Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This Halloween makeup is created by Zebulon as an entry for our Halloween Makeup Contest. We are very thankful to Zebulon to share instructions for this awesome makeup. You can go through it and try this for Day of Dead party. This look was achieved at a very low cost. About $3 for the latex, $2 for the blood, and the makeup is from a local dollar store. Follow the step by step direction and required material for this makeup.

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Stitched Mouth Halloween Makeup

Step 1: Apply black makeup to the areas that will be exposed underneath. i used black eyeshadow.
Step 2: apply a thin layer of latex to the desired area.
Step 3: tear up cotton balls and stick to the latex.
Step 4: saturate the cotton thoroughly with latex, and shape as desired.make sure to flatten out at the edges so it can be blended to your skin.
Step 5: use makeup to blend the sfx to your skin. I used a $1 foundation.
Step 6: apply tears to the skin using latex if desired and any other desired makeup.

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