Floating Head Halloween Makeup

Floating Head Halloween Makeup Tutorial

A DIY Projects very thankful to Phalesia Pilkington for submitting another makeup look. We are very thankful to her for submitting this awesome Floating Head Halloween Makeup for our Halloween makeup contest. This makeup is very simple to do and will not cost you much money. If you like the idea then follow the steps given by Phalesia Pilkington to learn a complete direction and cost for this makeup.

Floating Head Halloween Makeup Tutorial


  • Do your face makeup as normal.
  • Take an eyeliner pencil and outline the ring around where you want your head to look detached.
  • Use black body paint (I used graftobian) and color it in.
  • Outline in white body paint and shadows to create the illusion of depth.
  • Use brown shadows to contour and shadow the outside.
  • Stand in front of a black background to make your floating head illusion look real!

Cost no more than $10 in product!

Follow the Phalesia Pilkington on Instagram (@moulageartistfx) for more awesome makeup ideas.

Floating Head Halloween Makeup

Share your thoughts and view about this makeup in the comment section and enjoy the Halloween.

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