SteamPunk Mime Costume

SteamPunk Mime Halloween Costume

This awesome SteamPunk Mime Halloween Costume is made by Krisceda Lynn. We are very thankful to her for submitting this stunning costume for our Halloween costume contest. It can be a perfect costume for anyone who want to look unique during the Halloween. Follow the instruction given by Krisceda Lynn for this costume below.

The idea for this costume started with a color scheme. I love the color combination of black and white during October and Halloween. Their union just pops. After I decided my color scheme I began to look at Mime Clowns because their clothes are primarily made up of that color scheme. From there, the decision was made. I didn’t want to be your typical basic Mime though, so I added my love for SteamPunk Fashion and also painted all visible skin white rather than just the front of the face like most Mimes do. I wanted to be in black and white from head to toe.

I started with a black and white vintage swing dress that I found at a discount store and placed a corset over it. Beneath the dress I wore a black petticoat I had and piano leggings. I then purchased, or took from my closet, pieces and accessories to add to it. I purchased the black hat for a very cheap price and added black feathers, and also added the black and silver goggles that I already owned. I found some old Victorian style boots online to wear over my Piano leggings, and then I added to my look, the chokers (which I put on after I painted my neck white), white gloves, from a previous costume, and my buckled arm warmers.

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I love anchors, so I drew anchors on my face with my Urban Decay eyeliner pencil and Too Faced eye shadow. I used the lipstick Pitch Black by Maybelline on my lips. Then, using my own makeup brushes, I painted the rest of my visible skin white using Mehron face paint highly used by Mimes. And, to top off my look, I found a matching umbrella on Amazon.

This DIY costume cost me around $70-$80, but you could do it even cheaper if you already have a similar pair of boots, corset, and dress. Although, each of these items can be reused and also worn with day to day outfits if you have to purchase them. So you would not be wasting your money.

So, for anyone who wants to know what it’s like to live in black and white by doing something similar, just use your imagination and start with the color scheme. Then from there, start rummaging through your closet, and shop Amazon, discount stores, and thrift shops. I promise you that you will pop out from the crowd. I did. People stopped just to stare at me. I was told that I was beautiful and outside the box. It was awesome! Enjoy!

SteamPunk Mime Halloween Costume

Cute SteamPunk Mime Halloween Costume

SteamPunk Mime Costume

SteamPunk Mime Halloween Costume Tutorial

SteamPunk Mime Halloween Costume

Share your thoughts and view about this stunning costume in the comment section and Enjoy the Halloween.

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