Steps to take to Prepare for a Painting Project

The success of any painting project is its preparation. No matter how beautiful colors you have selected and how costly your tools are, if your prep is not up to the mark, all the hard work may go in vain.

Follow these simple steps once you decide to start the painting project and get a professional quality finish.

1.Find Inspiration

Before you take any work, you need to get enough motivation not to stop it in-between. When it is something like painting project backing off in the middle will lead you nowhere. So find an inspiration, select the right colors, set a final design and make sure you set your mind in getting a new and fresh home all over again. You can check out for a more descriptions.

2.Identify The Significant Requirements And Issues

First of all, take a walk all over the area you want to paint and closely take a look into the problematic patches. Cracks, holes, flakes, peels are some of the spots which will need special attention. Find out whether only the walls need the color or the windows and doors as well.

Once you are done inspecting make a checklist of the items and their quantity that you will need. Bring them from a store which is reliable and can cater to all your needs- from the high-quality colors to fine brushes, rollers, sprayer, etc. You will also need a ladder and scaffolds to paint the upper sides and ceilings. The right preparation will prevent you from making multiple trips to the store.

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3.Protect The Surroundings

In order to get perfection in the project you need to protect the surroundings like the floor, furniture, sides of the window and door. It is advised to cover the floor from old newspapers, furniture from torn clothes preferably waterproof and sides of the window and door from tape. You may use any other thing as well which can protect the concerned areas.

4.Clean The Surface

Once you have shielded everything, the next step will be to clean the walls. It is important that the surface is clean, dry and dull. You can use a damp cloth to remove all the dirt and dust as well as cobwebs. At the same time, it is essential to get rid of the oily, sticky or greasy surface to get a smooth coating.

If you are repainting scratch off the flakes and peels of the old paint altogether. Lastly, rinse off the residues from the surface with clean water and let the wall get dry before painting.

5.Cover Up The Imperfections Of The Wall

If it is an old house, the presence of holes, cracks and gaps are very common. Make sure you fix these imperfections by using fillers, filler knife and other related products present in the market. Sandable spackling pastes are also available for accomplishing the same. Work as per the instruction manual and let it dry completely. Later, you may sand lightly to get a smooth and flawless finish. Remember only a smooth surface will help you get a smooth coating of paint.

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6.Be Prepared For Emergency Cleanups

Spilling and splattering of the paint is nothing new while painting. Although this step looks negligible, it is crucial to do a professional job. So be ready for any emergency cleanups coming in the way. Wiping up the spills by using water and rags if you are using latex colors and thinner or mineral spirit if you are using oil-based colors is essential. read the labels and instructions written on the paint can if you are not sure what type of colors you are using.

7.Testing The Sample

The last but important preparation step is double checking the color quality and its intensity to match the design in your mind. Do it before breaking out the brushes. Makes sure the colors are properly mixed and as per your need. Do a patch test on a small portion of the wall like you do before using any cosmetic on the skin.

Testing will help in verifying whether or not the color, shade, and tint of the paint match your requirements. Once verified pick the painting arsenals and let the colors flow on your walls.

Wrapping Up

Accomplishing a successful painting project is not a child’s play. However, with the right preparation, you can simplify the things which seem daunting.
Refresh your walls all over again. All the Best!

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