Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up the Space


Kitchens are where we tend to spend most of our time every day – this is why it is important that they remain properly lit. They aren’t just for cooking; they are for hanging out. And when you hang out in a kitchen, you need to make sure that you can properly see everyone there. If you are out of ideas on how to stylishly design your kitchen, here are a few tips and tricks for you suggested by Cabinet Set.

Importance of Lighting in Your Kitchen

There are various reasons why your kitchen should be properly lit – the first one being the visibility. You need good lights in the office, bathroom, and living room – so, why shouldn’t this apply to your kitchen as well? Some people can’t do their job efficiently if they have to work in their own shadow, which is why they might want to add visibility to their house.

Aesthetics is also very important here. This is not only because everything is made prettier by lighting – but it is also because each light in itself can be a work of art. For example, you may easily choose an overhead with an intriguing design – one that will throne over the entire room, making it look more stylish.

Last but not least, good lighting is necessary for safety purposes. No matter if there’s someone cooking in the kitchen or children are playing there, it can become rather hazardous if there is not enough light in the room. For everything to remain nice and safe, you may want to make sure that the kitchen is properly lit.

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Tips for Lighting Your Kitchen

So, you might not want your kitchen to become a boring place with boring lights. Well, here are a few ways for you to bring the style into the kitchen.

Try Adding Layers

No single lighting fixture will offer you all the lighting that you need in one go, which is why you might want to go for layers. Go for a larger overhead in the middle of the room, over the islander, for instance – and then add multiple smaller lights over various other areas.

These lights may be placed anywhere, such as over the sink, the food prepping area, or a stove. Not only does it create a beautiful effect and design, but it will also reduce the glare.

Go for Light Colored Cabinets

When you think about lighting in the kitchen, your first thoughts go to the overhead lights – the ones providing the actual lighting in the room. However, lighting can also be produced by adding the right kinds of kitchen cabinets.

For instance, if you install dark colored cabinets, the place will automatically feel darker as well – particularly if your kitchen is small. This is why you might want to go for lighter-colored cabinets that will efficiently reflect the light and make the place seem much brighter. The same thing applies to light-colored walls and ceilings.

Use Light Dimmers

Sometimes, rather than making a place feel brighter, you might want to make it feel less bright. Granted, bright lighting can make your tasks easier to go through – but dimmer light will be much cozier during a meal – mainly because it helps with the ambiance. For this reason, you might want to invest in a few kitchen lighting dimmers, as they will allow you to customize the lighting for every given situation.

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Think Three

Instead of one big light hanging over your islander, consider adding three identical lighting pieces in the center. You may find them in a variety of styles, from classics to a more modern approach – and depending on the light level that you need, you may use light bulbs with different wattages. This way, the light will be diffused much more efficiently, and the glare will also be reduced.

Final Thoughts

Proper lighting should be present in every kitchen, particularly considering how you tend to spend a lot of your time in there. Plus, everything looks much better with proper lighting, which is why you need to choose wisely. Your kitchen deserves at least this kind of attention from your part, after all the wear that you put it through.

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