What Trees Increase Property Value?

Trees generally tower over the ground, looking majestic as they come into bloom and cover themselves with leaves. They can often be an important sentimental part of a home, as well as offering practical benefits such as shade and security.

But, did you know that the right trees can actually add value to your home? Of course, you’ll need to keep them in good shape to maintain that value. It’s worth contacting the north shore tree loppers to look after your tree properly for you.

Check out the following, it should help you when choosing a tree for your garden.


These trees can reach between 3-5 meters tall. They have fragrant white, apricot, or even pink flowers that look fantastic in the summer and early autumn. Generally described as succulents, these trees are ideal for tropical climates and become a real feature in any home.



The maple originates from Japan and is an excellent choice for adding value to your home. They are surprisingly compact, growing to between 2-5 meters high. They are known as deciduous trees with a stunning autumnal display.

They’ll need some shade as they prefer cool to temperate gardens.

Evergreen Ash

As the name suggests, this tree will stay green throughout the year. That helps it to look attractive in the winter when the other trees are naked. It also makes it a good option for privacy as the leaves are always present.

The leaves are actually light green and small groups of flowers appear n the spring. It grows between 3-5 meters tall.

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Evergreen Ash


These are potentially one of the most elegant trees you’ll come across They are also evergreen, also referred to as deciduous. They can flourish in almost any climate and the flowers they produce near the end of the year are stunning. The color and size of the flower can vary but the aroma is always delightful.

Ornamental Cherry

Few trees can compete with the cherry tree in full blossom. It’s a stunning array of pink or white and justifies the additional price for your home.

These trees do best in warmer areas and should be pruned to ensure they don’t get too tall. Of course, the fact they produce fruit is a bonus.

Citrus Trees

This is another productive tree that will always be popular with you, your family, and any potential buyers. You can choose between lemon, lime, orange, or even mandarin. It’s not just that they are productive, these trees look fantastic and help your garden to feel more exotic.

Citrus Trees

Finally, you should note that while the above trees are likely to add value to your property, evergreen conifers, gum trees, and liquidambars are likely to have the opposite effect. These are all trees that can cause issues to your home and the surrounding land, making them a bad choice for your home and likely to reduce the value of your home.

Don’t forget, every tree you plant will need to be nourished and looked after.

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