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When designing a house, a dream is first made. Making it come true requires a special touch. Sometimes a new paint, a special texture on the wall brings that different effect you want to the space. Algedra gives unusual answers to familiar questions.

In a natural space where a person can be himself/herself and reflect himself/herself, there are moments when he/she feels safe and never wants to end. This feeling is called “Kos” in Norway. These fascinating moments can be experienced by a river or at a dinner around a wooden table. Because in the essence of this feeling, there are things that are natural, far from showing off, and that make people feel good. This lifestyle creates itself from the power, balance and aesthetics of nature.

Here, Algedra professionals share the dynamics of the interior design and architecture industry and approaches that will shape the future.

Greenery elements never go out of the style

The use of living material in the interior not only increases the attractiveness of the spaces, but also has a relaxing, productive and calming feature on people.

Indoor plants have functions such as directing or controlling human movements, dividing areas, softening sharp lines, preventing unwanted images, reducing strong light reflections, and creating privacy. In addition, the ecological functions of plants such as cleaning the air, keeping dust and reducing noise increase the quality of life in the interior.

Composing minimal ingredients

Nothing can replace the feeling of spaciousness offered by a newly arranged and cleaned space. Minimalist home decoration is a step that will help you achieve this feeling of spaciousness continuously while at the same time increasing your quality of life.

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Minimalism is a trend that emphasizes simplicity and objectivity in which the minimalist actually can be expressed as avoiding subjective concepts and turning towards objective concepts and point of view.

The concept of simple living, which has attracted attention recently, is an indicator of how important and positive the effect of minimalism on human life is.

Hygge home decoration and the codes of the style

Hygge, which focuses on facts such as comfort, serenity and warmth at home, is the life philosophy of all Scandinavian countries.

You can stop the moment in the hustle and bustle of life and adapt the art of being happy with simple but peaceful things to all your living spaces.

Everything from lighting to furniture and decoration colors can be the key to this simple formula for happiness. Hygge style decoration aims to be happy with the little things; It focuses on increasing the feeling of warmth with objects such as soft blankets, cushions, candles and rugs.

Japanese aesthetics in interior design

Japanese culture is affectionate and respectful to nature. The best way to establish a strong connection with the natural world is to bring nature inside.

Adding traditional Japanese plants such as bonsai and bamboo to your home will provide a little Japanese cultural touch. Indeed, you can add any kind of deep greenery and still achieve a similar style. Consider adding elegant plants like palm or orchid to your home. It’s not normal to see a lot of colorful flower arrangements in a Japanese home, so keep it simple, natural and green no matter which plant you choose.

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Japanese homes also bring in through large, wide windows that allow you to see nature from every angle.

Nordic Style Decoration

Scandinavian design, belonging to the school of Modernism, is a design movement that focuses on functionality and simplicity. This Scandinavian design style expresses a natural, relaxing, calm and balanced decoration style. Although the Scandinavian style has existed since the 1950s, it is still among the most popular decoration styles in interior design today.

This style is characterized by an elegant and sophisticated look. Although it resembles a modern and minimalist style at first glance, the fact that natural elements and comfort are at the forefront distinguish the Scandinavian decoration style from its counterparts. An ideal Scandinavian design is based on pragmatism and minimal aesthetics. Its relative simplicity and useful designs have ensured that the Scandinavian style remains relevant and popular today.

Nature dwells within us, so to bring natural elements into home, will shape our way of thinking and give tranquility.

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