How to Use Custom Shower Doors to Update Your Bathroom Interior

It wasn’t that long ago that bathroom upgrades would include the installation of luxurious bathtubs featuring jets and glamorous fixtures. However, you will have noticed that designers, whether you prefer using online interior design services or booking in a consultation at your home, are moving away from these tubs and toward open-plan shower spaces and the use of a custom shower door to help update the entire bathroom’s interior.

In doing so, they’re creating lavish interiors in their powder room with showers featuring a glass door and other must-have modern fixtures. We’re going to discuss how it’s possible to modernize your bathroom interior through the use of new shower doors and why a glass door will create the stylish look interior decorators are raving over the most.

Making updates to a bathroom takes serious thought and consideration. Not only are the costs a significant consideration but also how the room will look and function upon completion. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to not know where to begin. When starting with the shower, the rest of the bathroom’s appearance and functionality can improve drastically. Because the shower plays such an essential role in this room, it’s critical that a lot of thought goes into how it looks and how the shower door will function.

Many may wonder why the shower door plays such a critical role in their bathroom. One of the principal reasons is, it helps to update the rest of the shower area. Therefore, picking of that’s an upgrade and features luxury and style is optimal. Consider the involvement of a professional company like KeystoneBathrooms who can help with design ideas and installation.

How to Pick the Best Shower Interior

Some have plans for creating a shower areas and adding enclosure that ultimately becomes the focal point of the entire bathroom. Therefore, this means the shower door must match the rest of these details. Otherwise, the rest of the design elements will fall by the wayside.

Those who are decorating smaller bathrooms will benefit the most from selecting a clear glass door. When omitting the large frames, it helps the rest of the bathroom appear larger. If the bathroom receives a lot of traffic, it’s optimal to pick a shower door that slides.

How to Match Shower Doors with Bathroom Decors

Shower doors are on hand in a broad range of styles and options. Therefore, it’s possible to find them ranging from warm and cozy to modern and sleek styles. Selecting shower doors doesn’t have to be all about clear glass doors. Instead, designing can focus on patterns, clouds, and textiles on the doors.

There are a plethora of shower door options available including these examples:

  • Fixed
  • Hinged
  • Folding
  • Corner
  • Alcove
  • Round
  • Framed
  • Frameless
  • Semi-frameless
  • Clear glass
  • Frosted
  • Patterned

In the following sections, we’re going to go over the features and benefits of these examples, as well as why they’re optimal for shower updates. That way, it’s easier to determine which custom shower doors are optimal when deciding how to create a modern bathroom update in your home.

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What is a Fixed Shower Door?

At times you some great idea that words fabulous, the bathroom shower speaks itself and needs fabulous showcasing. In situations such as these, a door installation is out of the question. Instead, use of a fixed shower door works the best. What this means is designers select glass panels that “fix” into place and don’t move following installation. Instead, there’s an opening to one side for entering and exiting.

Many users choose to install custom shower doors like these with etching in the glass, designs, or clear glass. It’s critical that accurate measurements occur before installation to ensure water doesn’t splash throughout the bathroom during its use.

How a Hinged Shower Door is Optimal

Installation of these doors is quite similar to any other door throughout the home. The hinges pivot allowing the shower door to swing out and open whenever users want to enter and exit. It’s possible to attach hinges to the wall, shower surround, or immobile glass panels. It isn’t uncommon to find these types of shower doors in homes where there are separate areas for the tub and shower enclosure in the master bathroom.

While this kind of glass door is common for showers, it’s essential that there’s enough room throughout the rest of the bathroom to accommodate them. Unless there’s enough clearance, it isn’t possible for them to open correctly. Therefore, it can become difficult to use the shower. These shower doors are optimal in larger bathrooms with enough clearance for opening and closing.

When Folding Shower Doors Work the Best

Those who are updating their bathrooms will find that folding shower doors, those that are bi-fold or tri-fold, work exactly as their name implies. The use of several glass panels works in conjunction with one that’s immobile to fold up with the use of hinges. For example, look at a folding closet door, and these shower doors operate the same way.

These bathroom shower doors are optimal for smaller bathrooms because they don’t swing out. Therefore, they don’t take up a significant amount of space. Because they have an attractive design, they’re also optimal for areas featuring unique features and design elements. For those who are decorating or completing bathroom renovations in a half-bath and would like to add a shower, these doors are optimal.

What’s Better – Corner, Alcove, or Round?

The use of these shower designs and doors are optimal for those who are designing bathrooms featuring limitations. Therefore, corner, alcove, and round designs are optimal for those with those specific design challenges. The ultimate question, though, is which will work best?

  • Corner: as the name implies, these showers and their accompanying doors are optimal for use in the corner of the bathroom. When the shower installation is complete, it will have five sides that include two walls and three glass panels. One of the glass panels is the shower door. Under most circumstances, the shower door will swing out. These kinds of custom shower doors are optimal in larger bathrooms so the door can swing out all the way open.
  • Alcove:when there’s a smaller bathroom, but the need for a shower is a requirement; it may be best for an alcove installation to occur. The only thing that needs to happen is clearance for the swing out glass panel. Otherwise, this type of shower takes up very little area. Installation of these showers instantly improves the overall appearance of the bathroom as they tend to have a modern and contemporary design.
  • Round:similar to the corner shower, these fit directly into the corner of the bathroom. However, they take up a minimal amount of space because the glass door moves along a track that’s round and doesn’t swing out. These shower enclosures help make the rest of the bathroom look larger while simultaneously giving it a sleek and modern appearance.
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The Appeal of a Frameless Glass Door

For those who select a frameless glass door, this means the entire enclosure doesn’t require metal support around its edges. Therefore, the result is a modern, clean-line appearance that’s clear of visual obstructions. One of the main reasons interior decorators are selecting custom shower doors such as this one is because they help showcase intricate tile designs, beautiful stonework, and lavish hardware.

It’s essential for designers to keep in mind, however, that the use of some metal must occur in these shower enclosures. For example, the clips, handles, and hinges have a metal construction. Otherwise, the rest of the unit is virtually metal-free. These small pieces of metal are barely noticeable and, when the rest of the design elements are in place, they blend in nicely. Therefore, use of a frameless glass door remains one of the most popular options.

Designing with a Semi-Frameless Custom Shower Doors

When a contemporary look is what the bathroom calls for, a semi-frameless custom shower doors are ideal. Not only is this choice budget-friendly, but it also has many of the beautiful features as a frameless shower enclosure. Instead, there’s a frame around the top and bottom edges, and the hinges have a construction from metal. Some of these models feature a glass door without a handle for a more stream-line appearance.

Selecting a shower enclosure that’s taller than the standard 76-inch height will help create a modern, sleek look throughout the bathroom. Be sure to choose a right product featuring 3/8 inch thick glass featuring a coating for extra protection from breakage. In doing so, the door will receive extra protection because it’s taller and has additional weight.

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Eye-Catching Updates Using Shower Doors with Frames

One of the most affordable options is the use of a shower door with a frame. One thing to remember is, just because the shower door features a frame that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to create an eye-catching design. For example, many frames feature finishes including bronze that work optimally for traditional and contemporary bathroom decor.

When designing with a glass interior featuring a frame, it’s essential that all of the fixtures in the shower enclosure and the rest of the bathroom match the frame’s metal. In doing so, a cohesive look is possible throughout the whole bathroom. These kinds of updates are the perfect solution for those who are working on low-cost renovations in apartments or homes they intend to sell. Not only do they dress up the bathroom effectively but they also increase the value of the property at the same time.

Bathing Area a Custom Glass Design

It isn’t uncommon for bathroom interiors to call for a custom glass door to replace a shower curtain that’s out-of-date. Shower curtains can make bathrooms appear smaller. Therefore, using a glass door on a bathtub can open up the bathroom significantly. In doing so, it will appear larger. Under some circumstances, the use of a shower door and draperies are also design elements we see together. For example, for those who are designing a country-chic or traditional bathroom, they may choose to introduce drapes or other material into the décor alongside the glass shower door.

The addition of these glass doors are optimal for families with smaller children and “bath time” is still an integral part of routines. They’re also optimal when the homeowner can’t part with their bathtub but would like to create a modern update in their bathroom. For those who have an interest in making an update to an apartment space, too, and are unable to remove the tub, the addition of a glass shower door is also an optimal solution.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a myriad of styles and options regarding how to create a modern bathroom update. You’ll find this is especially true when the focal point is a custom shower door featuring a glass door. Optimally, these types of shower enclosures work best for those who are styling their bathroom décor to feature minimalist, modern, and contemporary designs. However, if you select a custom insertion featuring etching, patterns, or other embellishments, they’ll look gorgeous in a bathroom update featuring traditional design elements as well.

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