8 Incredible Kids Room Wall Decor Transformations

A kid’s room is the space where the kids play, sleep, learn, and discover. So, it is essential to design it properly to provide a stimulating environment. You must fill it with all the inspiring items that capture a kid’s attention.

While decorating the kid’s room, the fastest way to add interest and cheerfulness is wall décor. It changes the overall look of the kid’s room.

Moreover, it is an easy way to maintain the child’s interest as you can switch wall décor whenever required. For instance, you can start with alphabets and graduate to racing cars or superheroes with time.

Various incredible wall décor designs or themes are available to spruce up the kid’s room, starting from cartons to educational. Some of the interesting transformation ideas are as follows:

Paint Walls

The simplest yet effective way to transform the kid’s room is to paint the walls. But make sure its colors are not the same as the rest of the house.

Usually, you can use bright colors in the kid’s room, such as baby pink, light blue, etc. You can easily attract your child’s attention by using these bright colors.

If your daughter loves Barbie dolls, paint the walls of her room pink. Or if your son likes superheroes like superman, paint the walls red and blue. These painted walls will help you enhance the room’s appearance and set a mood.

Photo Frame Wall Décor

The cutest way to decorate the walls of the kid’s room is to hang different types and styles of colorful photo frames. You can add a little bit of creativity by featuring a huge family tree and adding several branches.

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Add photographs in colorful frames to each branch. It is a beautiful and charming way to incorporate some precious moments of your kid’s life.

This wall décor idea is pretty refreshing and a bit quirky. But it will definitely fill in colors, style, and charm to the kid’s room.


The mural is a scene or setting that can definitely add interest and charm to a kid in the room. They can bring the wonderlands or another world to life and transform the kid’s room into something adventurous.

You can select murals as per the theme of the kid’s room. For instance, if the room’s theme is galaxy-theme, a mural of planets can be a perfect idea.

If the room has a princess theme, add a mural of the castle to add wow. You can also involve kids to show their creativity by painting murals on their room’s walls.

Chalkboard Walls

Most kids love doodling so much that they sometimes do it on floors, tabletops, or anywhere they feel like it. So, why not provide them the proper space to do it? A chalkboard wall is a solution to this problem.

Allocate a wall in the kid’s room that is solely for doodling purposes. You can do it by painting a wall black and allowing your little ones to pour their heart on it.

As a result, it will boost their creativity and ensure the other walls are free from a doodle.

Canvas Prints

Canvas art prints for kids’ room is a great way to enhance its aesthetics. You can add a large artwork to create a focal point in the kid’s room. Or hang smaller art pieces to curate an eye-catching gallery wall.

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You can also turn the blank walls into a canvas and engage kids to add their creativity by painting those empty spaces. Finally, you can ask them to give their ideas and tell them to add their thoughts in the form of art.

Glow in the Dark Décor

Make your child’s room entertaining with glow-in-dark décor. These décor ideas allow you to create striking designs that will glow in the dark or during the night. These ideas will directly make kids fall in love with their room.

You can try stars, moon, and planets on the walls. They will glow in the dark and create an illusion of a galaxy in the kid’s room. It is an intelligent way to enhance a kid’s imagination.

World Map Décor

If you like traveling, you will surely desire that your kids accompany you on your travel adventures. You can add interest in them by adding a world map to their room.

Show them different locations you visited and want to see and generate their interest. It is a beautiful way to enhance their knowledge as well. Its various colors will undoubtedly brighten up the kid’s room.

Install Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a beautiful yet easy way to decorate the kid’s room at affordable prices. They are easy to care for and maintain. They have different features, such as washable, non-washable, scrubbable, etc.

You can purchase one as per your child’s age and habits. It is a quick yet easy way to give a new look to the kid’s room, and you can change it whenever you desire.

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Wrapping Up

Decorating the kid’s room can be a fun and challenging task. However, with the mentioned above ideas, you can spruce up the interiors and add a bit of nostalgia to the kid’s room.

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