How to Select the Right Professional Engineer Who is a PE Stamp Holder

Let’s face it. Not all professional engineers are equal. Some are just better than others. When you’re working on a solar project, regardless of how big or small it is, you’re going to want an engineer who knows what he is doing and one who is licensed. It’s not always easy to choose between engineers, but definitely, one distinguishing factor is whether they are PE stamp holders or not. Here are several factors you can use to narrow down your list of potential PEs to work with:


No one in his right mind would allow an unlicensed medical practitioner to operate on him. The same is true when it comes to construction work. No one should allow an unlicensed engineer to carry out any construction project. Licensing exists for a reason. It’s a way of verifying the skills of the engineer in question. Look for engineers who are PE stamp holders. PE stamp should be the base qualification that you should look for when choosing between engineers.

Area of Expertise

Engineers are not masters of every engineering field. There are different engineering fields that exist, for example, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering, to name a few. Depending on what work you want to be carried out, you should look for an engineer with the qualifications specific for that work. If you wish to install a solar system, you should look for a PE who has specialization in that area.

Years of Experience

The more experience an engineer has in his or her area of expertise, the better. It gives confidence that he or she knows what he or she is doing. The experience the engineer has can come in handy if your particular project has some unique aspects to it or needs to factor in specific conditions that aren’t immediately apparent. While being licensed is a bonus, nothing beats experience. The real value that a PE offers you comes from the years of experience he or she has to offer.

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You want to work with an engineer who is flexible and can adapt himself or herself to meet your unique demands. Project requirements can change. Your desired engineer should be able to make the necessary changes as and when the need arises. Is he or she understanding? Is he open to revisiting and redrawing plans until you, the client, are satisfied?

Excellent Customer Service

When going through the profiles of the potential engineers you wish to work with, you need to see how their customer service is. Are they attentive to details? Do they communicate clearly? Do they clearly explain problems? You may be working with a particular engineer for weeks or months, so you need to make sure you genuinely want to work with him.

Competitive Pricing

When starting a project, the cost of the project will also need to be factored in. After you’ve considered and weighed the different PEs, one of the deciding factors will be the cost. Does the quote you’ve been given match up with the level of experience, expertise, and service that the engineer offers?

PE stamps Help You Select the Best Engineers

The right professional engineer can make all the difference in making sure that your project is carried out on time, within budget, and successfully. An engineer with a PE stamp will more often than not meet all the criteria mentioned above, which helps you to narrow down your research.

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