6 Reasons Your Electricity Bill is High

A high electricity bill is a huge concern as you can’t ignore or postpone it. If you find your electricity bill getting higher each month, it’s time to take action. You’ll also protect the environment by reducing your home’s carbon footprint. 

Also, a high bill may indicate an electrical problem. Start by carrying out an energy audit. Talk to an experienced Belmont electrician about your concerns, and check out these six reasons.

Faulty Wiring or Outdated Electrical System

Electrical systems wear out over time, and faulty wiring can cause an increase in electricity bills. The wires lose their insulation capacity and may cause a spike in electricity usage. An experienced electrician will check faulty wiring and replace outdated components to improve efficiency. 

The expert will also check for electrical code violations, which can result in higher electricity bills. For instance, installing a water heater that’s too large for your home will draw more current than necessary and overwhelm the system.

A Poorly-Insulated Home

If the windows, walls, and doors are not properly insulated, heat and cold air enter or escape the building. It means your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, increasing the electricity bill. Seal all crevices and openings properly. Check the wall insulation and upgrade your windows to double panes if needed.

Poorly Maintained Appliances

Poorly maintained appliances cause an increase in electricity bills. Clean the lint filter of your dryer after each use and vacuum out the refrigerator’s coils. Check the seals on your oven and fridge doors to ensure they fit tight. You should also replace devices that are more than ten years old. They tend to become less energy-efficient with time.

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Because the HVAC system uses the most power, get it serviced annually. An expert electrician can check if the system works efficiently and make repairs or adjustments accordingly. If it’s too old, opt for a higher-efficiency model.

Too Many Electrical Devices Connected

Unplugging or turning off devices that aren’t in use will save energy and money. A power strip is helpful as it turns off multiple devices and stops the flow of electricity when not in use.

Using too many heat-producing appliances, such as ovens, stoves, and toasters, increases electricity bills. Switch to energy-efficient options when you can.

Faulty Electrical Meter

The electrical meter records the amount of energy used in a given period. Faulty ones can be inaccurate. If your neighbors have a lower electricity bill than you, it may indicate an issue with the meter. Also, when your energy usage is constant but your bills are increasing, it’s time to check the meter. 

Bad Habits

Sometimes, the blame lies with the home occupants. Leaving the lights on, not running the washer and dryer full load, or running two or more appliances in sequence results in higher electricity bills. Taking shorter showers and using the right-sized water heater also helps. 

More to this, opt for smart appliances and LED lighting. They are energy-efficient and can reduce your electricity bills by a significant margin. Motion sensor lights activate when needed and turn off automatically.

Be Proactive

Understanding why your electricity bill may be higher than usual enables you to take steps to reduce it. Sometimes, it takes time to identify the cause, and you may need an electrician’s help. An energy audit will quickly identify what’s causing the increase and reduce energy usage. 

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