Relaxing Christmas Office Party Getaway In Derby, England

It always comes to that part of the year when the holiday spirit wins over us and all we want to do is relax and enjoy ourselves. Numbers are showing us that England is becoming one of the top choices for such occasions, especially among the USA citizens. Many of them chose to finally witness the city of London with their own eyes and ears but others are looking for a more relaxed solution in the heart of the UK.

One of these options in the heart of industrial England is a cozy party hub known as Derby. This is a vibrant city located on the south side of the county of Derbyshire. It has been transformed by the production of its historically famous silk, its well-known Rolls Royce, and now, to some extent, tourism. Today we will give you some information about this beautiful city and possibly help you decide where your next office party will be.

Enjoy Christmas In The Heart Of England

The cosmopolitan city of Derby is now a great place to shop, stroll and socialize, and is very close to the Peak District and the National Forest. Thousands of people from all around the world are flocking to its streets every December for Derby Christmas parties. And who can blame them? After all, this is a perfect spot on the British Islands that’s far from the annoying noise of the huge cities and hordes of annoying tourists that just don’t let anyone enjoy himself.

Many of the tourist attractions and residence shops are in the downtown district of Derby Cathedral that can mark the great starting point of your visit. Other most visited areas in the city are known as the Cornmarket, Iron Gate, Sadler Gate, the Strand and the Market Square, which is where the Local Tourist Information Center is located within the Assembly Halls.

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And for shopping, nothing better than a trip to the Westfield Derby shopping center, which has almost 200 stores and a very luxurious De Lux cinema complex on its top floor. There are really a lot of green spaces dotted around the city of Derby. With everyone’s favorites like the Riverside Gardens and Bass Ground Recreation, both at the front of the Derwent River. The Markeaton Park is also popular with its charming Victorian railway, although it’s steam train trips are sadly now a thing of the past.

Christmas Spirit In Picturesque Victorian Heritage

The Derby Arboretum is one of the most spacious in the city and widely used public spaces and was donated to the city as far back as 1840. There are guided tours of the Royal Crown Derby factory, while football fans may have the Luck to enjoy a game at the modern Pride Park Stadium. As small in size as it may seem the number of things this city will throw at your face during only one weekend will needless to say stun you.

The gastronomy side of this trip will stay with your tastebuds forever since charming local restaurants will provide you with the highest level of service and finding the pub that’s up to your taste will be the least of your problems in Derby.

Cheaper then the most getaway alternatives in England but richer in spirit and options to comfortably enjoy the Christmas spirit in a place where the noise is everyone’s enemy and everyone wants to kick back and enjoy the holidays in a jolly good spirit. Travel to Derby this December and let it live with you forever.

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